if only...

posted on: Monday, May 16, 2011

...life were more like Grey's Anatomy
not because i wish all scrubs were "fitted" the way theirs are
(note: i too, take offense to salmon colored scrubs)
or because i wish it were kosher to have sex with randoms in the on-call room
(kosher or not, it happens. trust me. ew.)
or because i wish it were actually possible for people to wake up from a coma and extubate themselves and then be conscious and talking and fine 3 seconds later
(that pretty much just. doesn't. happen.)

but because i just wish that, in real life, you could handle all squabbles with your lover in monologue form. 

this was yet another post brought to you in advance.
i have NO idea where i might be right now
with any luck, i'll be finding an internet cafe and checking in periodically
but i was prepared. 
just in case i couldn't.



  1. im still going to pretend your life is like Greys.

  2. i wish my life were like grey's too. is it really too much to ask for a guy that will break down in tears to his ex wife after i've drowned?! or decorate an elevator with brain scans for me?! or survive a gun shot would to the chest while keeping his hair gorgeous all the while!? i really don't think it's too much...

  3. Oh how I love Grey's! I am still going to imagine that hospitals are full of McDreamys and McSteamys....and Averys :)

  4. I've always wondered if the on-call room rendezvous really happened. Now I know! Wow. haha

  5. i still remember seeing that scene for the first time. my college roomie and i were in tears. sooo good.

  6. Right on sista!! lol I've been a RN for 8 years now and none of that stuff really happens! lol

  7. Oh how I wish that coma thing were true.

  8. yup, pretty sure whenever you talk about your life as a doctor i see grey's episodes.

    and really? dirty deeds in the oncall room?? yikes.


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