it's finally here!

posted on: Friday, May 27, 2011

after 11am today, i will be a doctor.
you know.
no big deal.

and ya'll....lemme just tell ya
the universe has been paying me back the past few days for having such an awesome vacation
and it almost ruined graduation for me.

my luggage was lost when i arrived in Chicago wednesday night.
well...not technically "lost"
they knew exactly where it was.
they took it off the plane in Istanbul
(along with 49 other bags)
so they could put more fuel in the plane
since it would have to be flying farther to detour around all the volcanic ash
damn natural distasters.
ruining my day once again.

no worries, they told me in broken English with a thick Turkish accent
(do you have ANY idea how difficult it is to understand English with a Turkish accent?)
"your bag will arrive tomorrow"

well cut to yesterday (which, incidentally, was tomorrow)
i'm driving to the airport to pick up my mom who was flying in for the big day
so i decided to give Turkish Airlines a call
ya know, just to see if there was any progress
in short, no.
the opposite of progress.
they told me my baggage had "not been found"

*panic attack*

so i decided to call my mom
to see if she could just shoot on over to the international terminal at O'Hare
and shake some things up over at the Turkish Airlines baggage desk
i knew she had already landed
she had just called me 15 minutes before to tell me so
(and i told her i was stuck in traffic and would be late)
yet, for some reason she didn't answer her phone

and she still didn't answer it the next 20 times i called for the next 45 minutes

*panic attack #2*

in my mind,
my mom was lying in a bathroom stall at O'Hare
stroked out from the aneurysm that i had somehow failed to diagnose
and my baggage was left in some dumpster in Istanbul
and my life as i knew it was over.


cut to the end of the story:
my mom's phone had died.
like, not battery-dead.
and she couldn't remember my phone number.
(it took her calling a few people repeatedly to get my number)

and my baggage was delivered at 1:30am today.
i am now less one bottle of wine
(which broke. awesome. best argument ever for only buying white wine as a souvenir.)
(which i did. the wine was white. thank. god.)
and less one dress
(which mysteriously ripped in this entire debacle. ?)
but i have regained my belongings and the majority of my sanity back.

did i over-react?
but you know what?
i'm a doctor.
it's my job to think of the worst thing that could possibly happen...
and prevent it.

so thank god for found luggage!
and graduation days.
here's hoping mine is fantastic.
(could you do something about the weather, Chicago? 44 degrees in May? really?)

and if you find yourself singing this at any point after today,
you know who to call...


  1. omg. the failed aneurysm diagnoses was really the icing on this post of a cake.

    I would of been in tears, and down more then one bottle of wine during this whole ordeal..

    so really i think you handled it all quite well.

  2. Congratulations on graduating from Medical School!!

    My fiance graduates next year. I cannot wait!!

    Glad all that baggage drama was worked out - that's happened to me once before and I'm pretty sure I reacted just the same (tears, screams, stress, etc).

  3. damn, girl. glad you're still alive after all that. I would've been livid with the airline losing my luggage.. you're ALOT stronger than me. And like Megan, I would've down-d the whole bottle of wine to help me cope.

    happy friday, love!

  4. congrats. how awesome. and im sure it wasnt funny @ the time but that post just made me laugh. but only b/c ive been there before.

  5. Congratulations, doctor! Bet you can't wait to get out of the 44 degree weather and into the 90 degree plus!

  6. happy graduation day doctor! and thank the lord you got your bag back. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  7. im with megan, you couldve been even more dramatic. i can get all "he's dead" when steve doesnt answer his cell phone a few times in a row so, you're not the only spaz.

  8. I looove reading your stories! Hilarious! And I know JUST how you feel. I freak out at any given second myself. LOL!

    Love your blog!! Please check out mine when you get a chance:

    your newest follower

  9. congrats em! your achievements always make me look forward to the future. I can't wait to be a doctor just like you ;).

  10. noted - only buying white now ...! what a disaster. so glad it got to you.

    and HAPPY GRADUATION!!! YOU ARE A DOCTAAAAAA. i was telling JB about you and he was like, so basically she's a badass. i said, yep.


  11. huzzah! why am i only seeing this now? shame on me. anyway, way to go dr. fleming. you are official.

    sucks to think that luggage is lost, but thank the lord it was found.

  12. Congratulations!! What an accomplishment!!


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