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posted on: Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Hello lovers!

I am almost back! I'm currently in Athens, cramming as much history and gyros as possible into our last day in Greece. We leave supah early in the am tomorrow to head back home!

It's been an amazing trip, but I'm excited to get home. Can't wait to tell/show you alllll about it.

(bt-dub, haven't my guest bloggers been phenomenal? Let's give them a hand, shall we?)

Until then, here's a happy little clip to remind you what I look like. And to show you what I sound like. Since there's been precious little of my voice on this bloggie. A little background...last summer in Italy, we made a series of videos called "Whatever You Do". I can't find the link to it to share it with you at the moment, but when I DO, this little clip will make a ton more sense. Maybe.

Enjoy! Miss you! See you on the other side of the ol' Atlantic!


  1. Love it!!! I cant wait to see all of your pictures!!!!

  2. You are so cute.

    And when you said you were coming home soon, I had a brief moment of complete panic as I wondered if maybe I had gotten my guest posting date wrong and it had already passed, at which point I frantically searched for your email with the dates.

    PHEW. I'm ok.

    Hope you guys are having a fabulous time!!

  3. you are SO #dangerzoned

    i want in on it.

  4. you are so cute! love the video darling


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