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posted on: Monday, May 2, 2011

i'm back, loves!

most people take a blogging hiatus for the weekend
but i feel like i've lived a lifetime since i last posted
also because i haven't REALLY been posting about what's been going on

slight recap:

nick and i got the keys to our new apartment
i made a video tour for my parents
you can see it here. on youtube.
(warning: i was wearing no makeup. and this was first thing in the am.
and it's 7 minutes long. so watch at your own risk. but it's there if you want it.)

we decided we needed some new furniture
and found this gem
in a homegoods (LOVE that store.)
but then we went back for it the next day, when we had nick's truck to carry it home in...
and it was gone.

then this chick got married
isn't she just lovely?
i love her halfway crooked smile.
such character in it.
classy, classy broad, she is.

during the royal wedding hullabaloo
i was flying home to see my family
i got there friday night
and was immediately commissioned as a Captain in the USAF
my mom takes iPhone photos of all the really important moments in life
there's me. taking the oath.
and my brother. administering it.

so that happened.

then we went to a wedding: me, joe, and his gf melissa.
it was an air force wedding, with all my pseudo-brothers in attendance.
total blast.
here's proof:
le church

stained glass. mmmm.


being mysterious. that joe and his melissa.

the happy couple: shane and nikki

there's lots of pictures of them. i like them.


allie and sky

the ever enigmatic ryan regan

i never realized just how out of focus this image was. oh well.

bush. signing the shirt.

check it. i'm a missus. 
a lovely bathroom iphone photo of the back o' my grad dress. which was also my wedding-guest dress. handy.
i hope you've enjoyed this lil' recap of my weekend.

i'm enjoying a few days with my family in Florida before i leave
for Turkey
on Wednesday.

don't worry, faithful readers.
i am not abandoning you entirely for this vacay of mine.
i have big plans for you.
stay tuned....


  1. I was just reading:
    and decided to check out your blog. It's lovely. I, too, live in Chicago and completely agree with you on so many things. However, I've had the advantage (or would it be disadvantage?) to having grown up in the Midwest, so it's a LOT easier to deal w/the crazy weather!

  2. Congrats to you on your promotion Captain Em!!!!! Sounds like a wonderful weekend! :)

  3. you are so cute! And I love that dress :) Sorry to hear that someone snagged the chest before you got to it. Maybe another home goods has it?

  4. your little video is adorable! what a cute..and big! place you've got there! and i'm loving that dress in the last pic. gorg!

  5. LOVE your dress. such a pretty color :) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  6. Love your grad dress!!! That picture of you and your brother cracks me up :)

  7. weddings are the ish. so are backless dresses. or unusal-backed dresses. good job on that one.

  8. lady, the back of your dress is stunning!

  9. I LOVE Kate--she is so classy and gorgeous! The wedding y'all went to over the weekend looks like it was beautiful! I love your dress!

  10. Just ran into your blog and the first post i read says you're coming to visit Turkey - which is where I live! (: Amazing.
    If you have any questions about Istanbul, you can e-mail me. Have fun!


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