a tale of a dress

posted on: Monday, May 9, 2011

hello loves!
i'm in Turkey!
probably in Istanbul, but since we didn't really plan anything beyond buying our flights
who knows?!

here's a little post i prepared in advance
something to keep you all entertained in my absence
and it's somewhat wedding-themed...
since we are quickly nearing the first anniversary of our wedding day!
(which was 05.28.10)

 this is my wedding dress.

i bought it.
from a bridal boutique.
not the most original way to obtain a wedding dress, i know.
and in all honesty,
to buy a wedding dress and pay full price for it
and do the "normal" things like have it altered, go for fittings, etc
just go against the grain of how i normally go about my life
i just don't usually go the path of least resistance.

but for me,
it was an act of rebellion.

my mom made her wedding dress
like, sewed it herself.
it looked beautiful on her
but i wanted to do something different than what my mom did.

 so i bought a wedding dress.
 and i LOVE it.
i hope i still fit into it the next time i try it on :)
 and i could never sell it
or give it away
or let a stranger wear it.

it's just wayyy too personal for me.
it wasn't just a dress.
it was MY dress.
my wedding dress.
the dress i wore when i promised forever to Nick
and i'm not sure i will ever feel more beautiful than i did that day.
and that means something to me.
so i'm keeping it.
and that's how i feel about it.
just in case you were wondering
which you weren't.
but now you know!

p.s. all photos courtesy of Jessica Lorren Photography


  1. and you looked gorgeous wearing it!

  2. you looked so stunning! and the dress is absolutely beautiful. I hope to one day feel about my dress the same way you feel about yours.

  3. You are beautiful. Love your dress. Don't worry, I feel the same way about my dress. There's just some silly infatuation I have about it. Brandon actually surprise me and bought mine for me.

    I'm hesitant about getting it preserved. What if I want to wear it again? Or just pull it out of the closet one day and stare at it? :)

  4. your dress is so gorgeous. love, love love!

  5. I love your blog, and your dress is gorgeous!

  6. So much happiness contained in a blog post! Have an amazing anniversary with Nick. You have a beautiful dress.

  7. What a GORGEOUS dress! Wowsers!

  8. What an incredible dress! Love your blog!

  9. Your dress is AMAZING!! to.die.for.

    I love it!

  10. Swoon swoon swoon. This is the EXACT style dress that I want. Lace. V cut in front and back. Perfect!!

  11. What a gorgeous dress! Seriously, one of the prettiest I think I have ever seen!

    BTW, if you can't tell from the overload of comments I have now left on various posts, I am new to your blog and thoroughly enjoying it! Looking forward to reading more. Oh, and I love your blog header!!

  12. OK, its me again. Was going back through some entries (getting to know you!) and am kinda weirded out by this entry. So I clicked the "wedding" label to read more about your wedding. Wanna know why I was weirded out?

    I got married in Tuscany. On May 24th. 2007 (btw our daughter was born a year and 4 days later, may 28 2008), I wore a very similar lace gown, and also had peonies as my wedding flowers. And just to prove, I posted some pics last month on our 4 year anniversary:


    Sorry if I seem stalker-ish! Just thought it was funny how similar our weddings were :)



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