a #blate!

posted on: Monday, June 27, 2011

last week was crazy, y'all.
i was working like a dog all week
and playing even harder all weekend.

pros: i now know how to perform life support on adults and children of all ages
(for you medical peeps, i got PALS and ACLS certified. again.)
cons: i never want to see another algorithm as long as i live.
and i still hate my uniform.

glad i got that out there.

Saturday had a particularly bright spot!
i got to FINALLY meet this pretty lady!
she's the one on the right. obvs.
 Jenni, from Story of My Life, is practically my neighbor now
(if you consider Austin and San Antonio to be neighboring towns. which i do.)
we've been plotting this #blate ever since i found out i was moving to Texas
and now.
it's finally happened.
for those of you just catching on, a blate is a date between bloggers: blog+date=blate.
and when you put a hashtag in front of it (#), it trends on twitter.
there's like, at LEAST 20 tweets about #blate s.
 #blate is a term coined by a certain, always-entertaining, model-esque individual 

(Megan. meet her now. do it. you won't be sorry.)
and i've used it before..as i had the pleasure of having a blate with Sarah
which i wrote about here
who also happened to give me the lovely earrings i'm wearing below
they just showed up in my mailbox this week.
oh happiest of days.
earrings:Sarah; dress:F21; necklace:F21; purse:fake Fendi...chinatown NYC; lips:MAC Neon Orange
 so Jenni introduced me to this PHENOMENAL pancake joint in SA
and we ate until we looked like pretty much everyone else in San Antonio
(it's a pretttty overweight city. by and large. no offense. it's just true.)
arugula and goat cheese omelette with creme fraiche

typical pancake acoutrements

Jenni's bacon. it was all i could do to keep myself from swiping a slice.

heavenly heavenly pancakes.

J-bomb. hard at work.

the prettiest.

oh. there's me again.
all in all,
a most successful #blate.
can't wait to do it again, Jenni!


  1. I love that you matched... it was a blate made in heaven!

    pretty jealous of those pancakes... and the bacon... and the omelette ugh #fatty


  2. sooo jealous of your blate! love the orange lipstick, perfect!

  3. Ahahahha I laughed out loud when I saw that picture of my hand... didn't even know you took that! You know what short fingernails mean, right? Hair extensions. Every time.


    Loved our blate! Have a good day Emily!

  4. I'm so glad you and Jenni had a fun blate! Of course, I picked the morning I didn't have breakfast to read this post so I'm feeling a little cranky/jealous/hungry but worth it, I think, to see the pictures! There are, after all, no calories in photographs.

  5. That omelet looks amazing! BTW, I was at Schlitterbahn (in New Braunfels, your other neighbor) last weekend and I can attest to the fact that it's an overweight area. I left feeling inspired though - if the most overweight of overweight people can rock a tiny bikini, why should I be so self conscious?!

  6. I have got to say I'm pretty jealous of your blate! ;)

  7. aw just found your blog from Jenni's - love it! Your wedding pics are beautiful.

  8. fun! i haven't had breakfast yet and that omelete is killing me!!

  9. #jealousofblate

    and your lips. i'm buying that color. perfection!

    Love the little earrings on you (:

  10. HOLD ON. Magnolia Pancakes is in San Antonio?? I thought it was only in Austin and commented incorrectly on Jenni's blog. Now that I know this, I must go when I am home next weekend!!

    And yes, San Antonio is obese. It's all the magical Mexican food (i.e. cheese).

  11. oh goodness. jenni and sarah? you're the luckiest blater of all time.

  12. the only thing i like about this post is the mention of my genius.

    other then that. it's stupid.

    you can redeem it by hopping on a plane to california right now and showing up on my doorstep. with pancakes and bacon.

  13. I'm in Houston (Spring, actually). Let me know if you head this way!

    I've been to the Air Force base in San Antonio... very FLAT!

  14. Yay! Just found your blog over at Jenni's and think you both are just so adorable! Seriously. I've been inspired to start going on blates! By the way, I just LOVE the colors in that outfit of yours!! :)

  15. I've just come across your blog from across the pond (both literally as Im from the UK... & from the actual blog!) & I immediately love it. Also love the term #blate! In the UK we also use blates a lot to mean blantantly. Blates.

    M x

  16. Just found your blog through Jenni.

    I have been reading through some of your posts and I LOVE IT!!!

    Your so quirky and fun, I love your style and can't wait to read more :)

    Niki @ LQM&M

  17. ummmm, yall are too cute for words. and your lipstick is incred. what a fun blate!!! :)


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