posted on: Tuesday, June 21, 2011

i figured that i'd be happy to have all of my travels to blog about all summer long
since i'll be busy trying not to kill my patients and all
but i didn't think it would *actually* take me all summer.
au contrare.
at this rate, i'll still be behind at Christmas.

oh well.
at least i've been out living my life
and THAT'S what's been keeping me from blogging about it.
more on that later.

for now,
view of the fairy chimneys of Göreme from the window of our very own fairy chimney
 Göreme was surreal.
it's in a region of Turkey called Cappadocia
which is here:
the whole landscape just looked sooo otherworldly
(which is probably why they filmed Star Wars: Episode One there. look familiar? Tatooine?)
a lil blurry view of the inside of our fairy chimney
our teensy-tiny room.
literally barely room to walk around the bed in there
totally redeemed by the 12th century Byzantine fresco on the ceiling.
not kidding.
and there's me. post-11hr-overnight-bus-ride.
sometimes i can't believe i post these pics of myself on the internet.

my backpacking hubby

cute tourist-trap market on the way to the Open-Air Museum. cuter hubs.
 the Open Air Museum was basically this collection of fairy chimneys
that had been used as churches and monasteries during the 10th, 11th, and 12th centuries
i can't believe the frescoes were so well-preserved
we weren't allowed to take pictures inside the cave churches
but here's a link if you're curious


those monks must've been pretttty short.
hubs got a little crafty with the camera
prepare thyself...

 and so did i.

his head was burning. he looks like a _____. (hint: starts with a "t" ends with a "ourist")

where's waldo? (and by waldo, clearly i mean hot air balloon.)

kelebek hotel. highly highly recommend.

that's the door to our room!
 i got a little carried away...

i literally shot from the hip on this one. the turkish people don't like having their picture taken. so i just took the pic as we were walking by with the camera hanging around my neck.
 windows and doors...

 we smoked a little hookah

i'm smitten.

mulled wine.

so i know this is a pretty pic-heavy post.
but it is what it is, y'all.
i gotta start crankin out some of these pics.

hope it was at least enjoyable.

more about life in Tejas to be forthcoming...

(disclaimer: when i travel, i'm not a huge history buff about it. i'm there for the whole experience--the history, the current culture, the people, the sights, especially the food--and sometimes glaze over the historical details. i apologize in advance if my commentary about precious ancient structures doesn't seem to be giving it the credit it so justly deserves. totally my fault.)


  1. These pictures are INCREDIBLE Em! I seriously didn't know a place like that even existed! Never seen anything like it. So glad I got to see it through the lens of your camera. :)

    PS - Sooooo excited for our blate!!!

  2. Your pictures are great! Did you take these? I love them so much :) Too awesome!

  3. These pictures are amazing. Thanks for sharing. You just gave me the travel bug.

  4. Beautiful photos lady! I cannot wait to see the rest of them!

  5. I'm so glad that you are concentrating on not killing people. These pictures are worth the wait... so amazing! I can't wait to see more. More! Give me More!

  6. that hotel place rock, looks RADICAL.

    and you and I are the same type of traveler. im not much of a history buff either..i like to just emerse myself in the current culture.

  7. gorgeous photos! keep them coming :) looks like a v interesting place... and im the same way you are w traveling. ALL about the food. and the architecture. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  8. I have never even THOUGHT about going to Turkey, but now I must. These photos are so gorgeous. I'm seriously jealous!

  9. this place and pics are unreal. i have to go there.

    annnnd when i travel, i like to walk, eat. repeat. oh and throw some wine in there. if a museum gets slipped in somewhere, I am VERY proud of myself.

  10. This looks like some crazy alien land that I very much would like to visit. And eat lots of food at.

  11. these pictures are so beautiful! they are definitely transporting me to that place and let me tell you... it looks magical. I'm so glad you two have such an amazing experience. God knows you guys deserved it :).


  12. LOVE the pictures!

    Also, incredibly random, but I told one of my best friends about your blog because she just finished up her first year at med school in San Antonio. So she started reading it, and she texted me the other day saying "This is super crazy but the blog you sent me with the girl who was coming to San Antonio... Her husband is in this office with me to get fingerprinted for the va". Being the awkward person I am I told her to say hi, but she refused. Anyway you and your hubby are famous! :)

  13. Love these pictures! I'm the same way when I travel - sometimes I skip the history and concentrate on pretending like I really live in the place. Our honeymoon was in Ireland and I don't think I even cracked open the book on Irish history my father in law got us as a wedding shower gift. Oops.

  14. so many photos! i love them all. don't worry about the blog delay...i'm currently 3 months behind on my travels. which is why i'm posting photos of me wearing a wool coat and a hat. and it's june.

  15. I think we are fated to be blog friends. Aside from the fact that your life/blog is so fun to read, we are currently reading books by the same author (I just finished "extremely..."), the air force is playing big parts in my life too, and my future husband was pre-med until he discovered life as an officer.
    I think I will e-stalk ya :)

  16. Oh my goodness, your pictures are beautiful! Love your blog :)

  17. göreme is so pretty , I have been 2 years ago and loved every second of our stay!! had the most amazing mezze there as well!! great pictures, make me want to go back sooo bad :)


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