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posted on: Friday, July 29, 2011

i should probably quit making puns out of my post titles.
but not today.

behold, the delicious gyro. i blame you for my vacay weight gain.
these are some lovelies from our first day in Kos 
try to tell me this is not hilarious.

just a pretty little town on the gorgeous Aegean.

hubby took this one. he's so sneaky.

happy feets.

the Asklepion!
as two medical students,
when on the island of Kos
a must-stop was the Asklepion
this is the hospital/medical school where Hippocrates taught and worked 

my husband's feet. on an ancient piece of architecture. #soirreverent

cypress trees. i'm okay with you.

i was a tad bit off.

where's waldo?

pretending to be Samson.

so pretty. so ancient. so...still standing. amazing.

downtown Kos town

graffiti, you are everywhere.

the Tree of Hippocrates. apparently he sat under it and taught. not this EXACT tree (which would be 2400 years old). this one's only 500 years old. nbd.

ancient civilizations and iPhones. perfect fit.

not a bad balcony view.

i know it's out of focus. but it was still delicious. seafood pasta in a lemon white wine sauce.... 

there we are!
it's resident's day
that phenomenal 24-hour period when the staff physicians take over the ED
and all the residents get to hang out and play

we're going tubing on the Comal River


  1. i love your outfit em! thanks for the history lesson on kos... i must get over there. love the last one of you two!!

  2. haha I just blamed brioches and cappuccinos on my blog today for my vacation weight gain ;)
    Have a great time tubing and enjoy your weekend!

  3. I'm drooling over the food...but not over the venereal diseases.

    Floating the Comal is so much fun. Enjoy!

  4. Oh I want to go so badly! I'm so glad to see other people drink wine out of a glass, not a wine glass.

  5. Nice of them to give you a break! I went tubing on the Comal last month, it was so relaxing... yet so boozy.

  6. You guys are just TOO cute! :)

    I've really been enjoying the pics from your trip, Emily!!

  7. oooh take lots of pictures of your tubing adventure! by the way, those pillars are absolutely and breathtakingly stunning... I want them for my house lol.

  8. <3 it!! Those pillars and are is just breathtaking! Good luck tubing!

  9. That pasta is making my mouth water! Have a wonderful trip!


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