A Walk in the Garden

posted on: Thursday, July 28, 2011

this week I went to the San Antonio Botanical Gardens
now, you might be asking yourselves,
"why would you go anywhere outdoors that requires more clothing than a bikini in this weather?"
excellent question.
because i am a sadist.

and because i wanted to take pretty pictures
and pretend to be normal on my day off

i wish i could say this was a macro lens. but that is literally just the hugest hibiscus mine eyes hath evah seen.

i had the pleasure of being joined by my friend Bettina
and her lovely bambina Ava
steal. my heart away.

oh now she's just flirting with me 
Ava's dad, Adrian, is one of my fellow interns
their family is awesome
and it's people like them who make me excited to be here


Bettina on the fly.

Bettina was afraid of this pretty lil thing. she admitted it. and it was hilarious.

a chair-y tree. ha! knee slapper.

if you didn't have the fevah before. you might now.

Betty likes to take pictures too. 

homegirl needs a drink.

this is the offender that stuck me in the foot yesterday. i bled. it was horrific.

possibly my favorite shot of the day.

girl's got style and she knows it.

learning to walk! her first birthday is this week...
i know it's not everyday you get to see someone other than me and the hubs on the ol' blog.
especially not someones as ridiculously attractive as these two
you're welcome.

Bettina...we'll have to do this again asap.
so. much. fun.


  1. Ava is adorable! And the botanical gardens look amazing. Your captions are always the best.

  2. That little girl is GOR-GEOUS! Seriously. Her daddy needs to buy a gun because Ava is going to be a heartbreaker. Need to scare off all those boys that will be knocking at their door. But since y'all are in Texas, should be pretty easy to get one. :)

  3. These are beautiful! I love that last pic of them walking - SO sweet!!

  4. I love the Botanical Gardens! Back in the day, I took many a school field trip there. Have you visited the Witte yet? [I know you're ridic busy].

  5. Looks like a great way to spend your day off!
    She is adorable and that photo with her Mom is beautiful!

  6. That baby. Oh my gosh. She is beautiful!!!

  7. Great photos! Baby girl is beautiful!


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