feast your eyes

posted on: Wednesday, August 31, 2011

i know.
fake out.
yesterday i was all, i'm not gonna be blogging much
and here i am.
two days in a row.

well, hubs was on call last night
which left me with nothing to do but prep this post for you
get ready to meet the next best thing to hit the internet since Pinterest

it basically IS Pinterest
but just food

page after page
of the prettiest food your eyes have ever seen

clicking on the picture of the food
takes you to the blog/website/wherever the recipe is from

and there's an iPhone app too
typically i'm like, quick! what to make for dinner?
then i go to my trusty iPhone app and figure something out.

i promise i'm not getting paid for this ultra-cheesy promo
i just wanted to share awesomeness with you.
this is why i'm in medicine. not sales.
with medicine, you just walk into a patient's room and be like, 
dude. you have to have this blood transfusion. or you will die.
no selling involved.

one more.


  1. mmm yes please! i love pinterest for the food so this is even better... thanks for the tip (and for making me hungry.) xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. Awesome!!! Omg.. I have a feeling that I'll be spending countless hours on this thing. Thanks.


  3. I LOVE Foodgawker. I've made a few recipes and they are never as pretty as the pictures, but they still taste good. The Tuna Rangoon that's in the top rated recipes is delish.

  4. Food gawker was created by Jesus. I just know it. Also try tastespotting.com. It's the same thing.

  5. Oh my gosh. Now that I know this exists I'll never be able to get off the computer! Pinterest was already monopolizing my time haha. Thanks for sharing!!

  6. Sweet mother, this website you've introduced is pretty fantastic. I just have a "drinks & treats" board on Pinterest but obviously I've been old-schooling it.

  7. this is good info. i typically base my recipe choices on what the photo looks like anyway. perf.

  8. on my way to check out this nifty website right now! I've been in a cooking rut lately! thanks!!

  9. damn, this is bound to not be good for my waste line. too bad, this food just looks too good NOT to eat!


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