summer trip continued: Milos

posted on: Tuesday, August 30, 2011

i should've been stoked about today being my day off
and i was.
until i was 3 hours in, waiting for the service on my car to be finished
the Honda service center waiting room was hardly where i wanted to be today.
oh, the joys of only knowing doctors in your town
everyone i knew was working.
no one to rescue me.

i tweeted it earlier and i'll say it again:
adulthood blows.
at least the annoying rattle in my car has ceased

doctoring has kept me pretty busy lately.
and made me pretty smelly.
lessons learned:
wear non-porous shoes.
ya know, just in case you put a chest tube into a dude and hundreds of ml's
of the nastiest fluid your nostrils have ever had the pleasure of coming into contact with
decides to pour out of the dude's chest and onto you favorite running shoes.

i'm not saying that happened.
but i'm not gonna say it didn't. 

the shoes have been bleached
and salvaged
and a new pair of more appropriate work footwear has been purchased.

moving on.
serenity now

backpacks and stairs are a #winning combination

my obsession with painted doors has not waned.

i'd live here.

so these pictures are from Milos
the very last Greek island we visited.
we were 2 days from going home
and decided to go all out.
so we (along with 8 other random people) chartered a catamaran
and sailed around the island.

go big or go home?
we were going home
so we went big 
fishing villages. only accessible by boat.

a rock that looks like a bear. with a seagull sitting on its head.

my man is so strong.

our trusty vessel.

sails make me happy

so do these hammock-thingys that catamarans have

hubs was checking me out. i was checking the water out.

in the middle of the aegean and he's playing Angry Birds. 

he's cute though. all is forgiven.

from inside a cove

his seat looked good. so i stole it.

most beautiful. water. ever.

contemplating how cray-cray my hair looks.

BOOM. zoomed.

could've stayed here for days

me, zoomed, too.

"remember. you're married."

it. was. frEEzing.

boat fixin's

and at the end of the day, this.
so there was Milos.
not bad, eh?

don't get too used to this whole me-blogging thing.
i've got another crazy few days coming up.

ps. i know i'm a horrible commenter
(as in, i rarely do it)
but know that i read and heart your blogs.
just a psa to remind you all of that.



  1. WOW!! It looks like an AMAZING time!! And I totally know what you mean about being away from the blogging world, and the whole not being a good commenter - unfortunately, I am the same way!

  2. Hahaha this post made me laugh! I bet you have some interesting experiences being in the doctor world.. I actually considered a medical profession for a while (however I ended up in art school) anyways, I always look forward to your posts, so keep it up!


  3. This water is one of the most gorgeous things I have ever seen. You have made me want to just pick up and move to Greece so badly!!!

  4. haha, I don't even know you but totally agree with Megan! lucky hubby!

    beautiful, beautiful photos. the greek islands are one of my favorite places on earth.

  5. guh you look so much better in that suit than me. especially your boobs. damn it. my boobs don't even look like that and i'm pregnant.

  6. @ahn and @megan: i learned yesterday that my dad is a faithful reader of my blog. i'm sure he'll be delighted to read your thoughts.

    that said, aw shucks.

  7. wow that water! so beautiful!
    I couldn't think of a better way to spend the last day!

    Yuck about the shoes - glad you were able to salvage them!

    But mostly of your tan and lack of cellulite.

  9. i've got to get me to milos. and i think i need implants to look as hot as you naturally do in a bikini. or get knocked up.


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