posted on: Monday, September 19, 2011

i'm sensing a theme with my Sunday night shifts
last week, i tubed 2 people
tonight, it was only one
but it was the mother of all intubations:
bloody and traumatic with c-spine precautions
the holy grail. mother load.
so now i'm 3 for 3

that was the highlight.
the rest of the night was filled with crazy people and annoying surgeons.

now i wish i was back in that hammock.

how was your day?

p.s. still haven't seen hubs for more than an hour a day
p.p.s. my Fantasy team is kicking ass right now.

that's all.


  1. How nice you have a fantasy team! My husband is trying to get me to play with him for years now. That picture makes me want to pack my bags and get on the next plane to Hawaii!

  2. c-what? Yeesh, sounds scary. So, it's not like Scrubs or any other doctor shoes where they hang out all day with their Dr and Nurse spouses and say witty things?... this is like finding out there's no Santa...


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