posted on: Thursday, September 8, 2011

i haven't seen my husband's face since Monday
i've talked to him, in the dark, as i'm going to bed and he's getting up to go to work
but i haven't seen his face.
and that sucks.

know what else sucks?
we just found out that, due to recent schedule changes, 
we don't get any time off together during the holidays
the holidays were our ONE TIME during this entire year to have time off together
and now we don't get that either.
one. entire. year.
without vacay.

good thing we took that major trip to Turkey and Greece, eh?
i'm not feeling so guilty about it now.

Athens: old vs. new

heaven in a fruit stand

so. old.



part of the Acropolis.
 i know it makes me a horrible history buff that i don't remember exactly what that structure is called
but i've warned you before

his expression: "i'm in tourist hell right now"

just me, some centuries-old columns, and the scaffolding keeping them from falling on me

ask jenna lyons: windblown hair is in.

he's so cute (:

just unbelievable

so freaking old

sorry for my "Conquerer" pose here. this was the only one in focus. (i need to hire a new photographer. ahem. nick.)
just in case you were wondering,
skirt: Zara (purchased that morning), tank: Hanes wifebeater (i know it's not PC to call them that, but oh well), sunnies: Banana Republic, earrings: Turkish turquoise, purchased in Kalkan, Turkey 

it just blows my mind that all this stuff- buildings, inscriptions, carvings-
is still here
centuries after they were made and first used
and that we can see the footprints of people that went long before us 
view from our restaurant. last night of vacay.

Nick hated me a little for making him do this.

it looks alright at night

in case you missed it,
Nick and I went on a 3-week trip to Turkey and Greece this summer
before all the residency madness started
originally I had felt bad about the ridiculous self-gratification of it all
but now I'm so so glad we did it
especially since it's looking like it'll be another 3 years
before we hop on a plane and jet somewhere together

these pics are from Athens
our last stop before flying home
we were exhausted, after having taken an overnight ferry from Milos
and only had one day
but we soaked up the Ancient City and loved every minute of it
(in our tired delirium)

how bout that guest post yesterday, eh?
love that chick.
she's so much more than a mommy blogger to me


  1. Em, always love seeing your gorgeous pics. Total win btw for quoting Jenna Lyons. A girl after my own heart ;)

  2. My question in the world do they get the strawberries to stand up so perfectly like that???

    Oh yeah, and the Acropolis is pretty bitchin.

  3. Bless you and your lack of vacays for awhile. This trip looks like it was fan-freakin-tastic.

  4. My goodness, that's a LOT of strawberries. Definitely heaven. Great pictures, as always!

  5. Wow - those strawberries look amazing!

    I think my favorite thing about Europe is the weird juxtaposition of old and new. I remember being at the Tower of London and seeing a Starbucks across the street. It's just something you don't see in the US.

    That's too bad about the vacations :(. Hopefully you can find some time to take shorter trips and explore Texas (and New Orleans is a must!)

  6. Those strawberries! That's a nifty trick.


  7. haha I love the cheesy heart photo :-) hope you two get to spend more time together very soon x

  8. you're the only blogger whose Athens title refers to ATHENS, rather than the home of the University of Georgia. Love it - great pics! :)

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Love your blog! My fiance and I are currently planning our honeymoon to Greece - we are rather stumped on where to stay in Athens - any hotel recommendations? :-)


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