saturday morning

posted on: Saturday, September 24, 2011

it's saturday
and i've been up for almost 3 hours

thanks, night shift, for effing with my circadian rhythm.

despite this little logistical snag, i'm having a lovely morning
pumpkin bread (with chocolate chips! thanks mom!)
and taking my monthly residency quiz

i have big plans for this day
lots of crafty projects in the works
if we're lucky, i'll like them enough to share pics with you

and this week has been pretty great
mostly because Nick and I got to spend the ENTIRE day together Wednesday
Friday Night Lights
pool time
gym time
a couple's massage 
(his idea. he's phenomenal)
it was like a vacation in our own town

so that's all i've got for ya.
and this:

my occupational theme song

happy Saturday!


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  2. Haha that's great, don't let a screwed up sleep cycle stop you! I'm a student nurse and have done my share of night shifts so far, obviously not as stressful as your job, but enough to mess me around a bit! I'd always get home in time to have breakfast with the family but I'd be eating their last nights dinner while they munched on cereal.

    Enjoy that pumpkin bread - it sounds delish.


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