posted on: Wednesday, September 28, 2011

so this weekend i painted my living room.
and hung curtains.
i've been brewing the idea for months.
and finally had the time off to make it a reality.

the before picture. technically a "during" pic. but oh well.
better late than never?
i missed the "before" pic by about 27 minutes.
(that's how long it took me to move furniture and lay down drop cloth. duh.)

and here's the after
our new and improved living room
[the curtains are West Elm
and the paint is "Seal" from Martha Stewart Living]

i, for one, love it.
it's the coziest.
perfect space to come home to after days like this

so this is the part where you begin to regret following a doctor's blog
a baby died today.
at my hospital.
it was on the news.
and it was actually horrific.
i was one of the doctors taking care of the old man.
which was difficult.
i'd like to say that i kept it together and did my job in a professional way.
but i was pretty torn up about it.
even cried all the way home.

and that's all i have to say about it right now.

being a doctor is cool when you can do something to make a patient's outcome better
it absolutely sucks when you can't.

so how was your day?


  1. That is truly awful. I don't know how I would handle that... I don't think I could! Well, tomorrow is another day, and I truly hope it will be a better one.

  2. Oh my goodness Emily I'm so sorry for the crummy day you had. I hope tomorrow goes much much better for you.

  3. oh gosh em. i just read the article. that is absolutely horrible. I am so so sorry. I wish i could fly there and give you a hug/bottle/2 bottles of wine.

  4. :( I'm soo sorry. way to go though for doing anything and everything you can... i know i wouldn't be able to do it. *hugs*

  5. also... bitchin' paint and curtain job.

  6. Ugh, just read the story and saw that the old man died too. How horrible. I can't imagine that aspect of your job. How rough!

    On a upper your wall. Its very pretty!! I love a good accent wall and your decor is very relaxing.

  7. that just gave me chills from head to toe.
    i'm so sorry you have to be the one to be the strong one in those situations. but i know those that are on the receiving end are blessed because you are the one. if that makes any sense.

    in other news - your home improvement looks lovely! go team doctors flemings!

  8. Oh, how awful! I can't even imagine what it would be like to be a doctor on this case. I'm so sorry!

    And not to make light of the situation, but our living room looks amazing! I'm totally jealous!

  9. wow that is sad. can't even imagine. sorry em.

    also, love that color you chose.


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