dream come true

posted on: Monday, October 3, 2011

i know every girl thinks her husband is the best
but mine really is.
he's a 49ers fan
and he voluntarily subjected himself to a Cowboys game.
for me.
not only that, but he got me REALLY great seats

the weekend in iPhone pics
pregame coffee

gameday eggs benedict.
 i'm a sucker for some hollandaise sauce
hubby's huevos. (HA!)
but i also really love me some huevos rancheros.
so that's when i get to steal some of nick's breakfast too
best all around. 
apparently all i do is eat
holy footlongness 
yes. i am wearing a jersey. 

dolly parton's niece was at the game
it COULD've been dolly parton's niece.
or maybe just someone who also goes to her hairstylist.
welcome to Texas, ya'll 
and welcome to cowboys stadium

tony romo. Lions MVP.
no zoom required.
we were 9 rows from the field.
hubby loves me.

the game was a bit of a heartbreaker.
we came out strong
then fell apart and lost.
this is the life of a Cowboys fan.
it is an up-at-dawn, pride-swallowing siege that i will never fully tell you about.

in other news, i'm working evenings this week
grueling slave labor this ultrasound rotation is turning out to be.
not true.
i basically go into the emergency department and throw an ultrasound probe on people
i look at their hearts, gallbladders, kidneys, livers, aortas
and sometime uteruses with babies in them
i shoot for about 20 scans a day
(sometimes i do like, 5 scans on a person at a time. i'm a multitasker)
then i go home.
easy peasy.

so i get my mornings to blog and drink coffee on my balcony
this morning, it's actually CHILLY.
like, i might need to go put on some socks.


  1. that game was terribly depressing. but i still have love for my Cowboys.

  2. The game was definitely upsetting but like you said, that is the life of a cowboys fan!

  3. i recently taught the boyfriend what heuvos are..

    so deprived.

  4. girl, i had me some eggs benedict this weekend too. #MFEO

  5. Looove all sporting events...My Fiance is a hard core cowboys fan and wants us to go to Dallas just for one day for a game...hmmm Looks like fun though!


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