eating your way through

posted on: Monday, October 17, 2011

this is pretty much my life's mantra.
but it's also what i did this weekend.
friday night
(after Nick scraped me off the couch, post-mild-nervous-breakdown)
was date night

we managed to find Jamaican food in San Antonio.
(cue applause.)
i did not, however, document it on film.

we watched Friday Night Lights when we got home.
(nothing says Texas like watching FNL on a Friday night)
(except maybe watching an actual high school football game on a Friday night)

we went here:

and i ate this:
don't worry.
there's two more sides under the green beans and the mac and cheese
i didn't starve.
i also only drank one of those beers.

this is possibly the classiest thing about Texas:
we call it what it is:
Fresh Killed Meat

and i've officially lost all vegan followers.

it was bound to happen eventually.

these next few weeks are a bit hectic:
Physical Fitness Test tomorrow (thanks, Air Force. lookin forward to it.)
start nights in the Cardiac Care Unit on Friday
inlaws are coming to visit next Thursday
take Step 3 of my boards next Friday

so please don't be offended that instagram pics (mostly of food) are the best i can do these days.


  1. the meat eaters love you.

    seriously. love.

  2. hey now..I'm vegetarian and sometimes vegan, but I still follow (: good luck on your fitness test. My FIL was wing commander at Tinker AFB in OK, so I know all about those tests. And I also know you get prizes and whatnot (; so best of luck!

  3. my stomach just growled.

    is that brisket?

    gosh i love ribs and brisket. and mac n cheese.

  4. yes. that is brisket. behold.

  5. I've never been to Texas; But, the brisket and mac n cheese may have just sold me on the idea. Looks amazing!

  6. I'm glad you're getting the whole Texas experience!! Have you been to Rudy's yet?

  7. So I've been stalking your blog for awhile - Don't really remember how I found it but I am in LOVE with it... the pictures, the witty comments, the exciting yet sometimes sad stories from your doctoring experiences... and i think of you every time husband & I watch gray's anatomy! =) "i wonder if that girl on my blog has done that in real life" or "oh yeah husbs, the girl i follow on the blog has done that a few different times successfully!" talking about intubation...

    anyways, the point of all of that was that i love your blog - good luck on your test! it's test day for the gray's anatomy crew too!

  8. That dish is mouth-watering.
    I need some in my belly right this second.

  9. omg i'm coming for a visit. and we can eat from sunup till sundown... and beyond. i love eating my way through life. even meat. especially in texas.


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