it is finished

posted on: Friday, October 28, 2011

my board exams are over.
well...for now.
until i finish residency and have to take my Emergency Medicine boards
and then my oral boards
and then recertification boards a few years after that...

really, it never ends. 

i'm feeling a little ambivalent about it.

on the one hand,
i'm glad they're done.
now i can actually read for fun.

but on the other,
now i have to start working days in the CCU
which, honestly, is the worst working environment imaginable.
i'll spare you for now,
because i'm sure i'll be bitching and moaning about it all month.

so even though this song actually has nothing to do with these sentiments,
the title does.

plus it's a beautiful song
by an incredibly talented pair of brothers
and though i am about 7 years late 
jumping on the bandwagon...

it fits.


  1. yay congrats!!! so proud of you!

    and i will keep saying this for every boards you pass

    until the end of time

    because i am a GOOD friend

  2. Yay you! You are such a smart/sexy/awesome doctor. One day I'll be just like you hehe ;).


  3. whats ccu?! and YAY!!!


  4. CONGRATS!!!!

    i swear, you are grey's anatomy in real life.

    i'd like to watch your tv show.

    that sounds dirty. so sorry.

  5. ccu...critical care unit? that'd be brutal.

    the good news is that when residency is finally over it will all seem like it went by in a flash. :)


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