miss me?

posted on: Thursday, October 27, 2011

me too.
i miss myself.

i haven't seen much of me lately.
here's what's been up:

last Thursday i kicked that PT test's ass
(at 6am. in 50 degree weather. i was running. fml.)
upside is, i scored high enough that i don't have to take another one for another year.
(i highlight this point because though, yes, i am in the Air Force, 
athletic achievements have never been my strong suite. 
maybe you picture me as an ultra-fit ass-kicker by trade.
not so, friends. 
SO not so.) 

there was a hot minute last week where i thought about jumping on a plane to Baltimore
to welcome my brother home from Afghanistan
but that didn't work out.
more on that later.

i started a CCU rotation on Friday. 
and worked 7pm-7am for 5 days in a row.
sleeping during the day leaves little time for anything else
especially blogging.
especially when you're cramming to take Step 3 of your board exams.
on Friday.
yeah, tomorrow.
it's only a 9 hour test that i HAVE to pass in order to get a medical license.

oh yeah,
and my inlaws are coming into town tonight.
so i cleaned the house from top to bottom.
some days, being a working housewife really blows.
(not to rag on the hubby.
he did good this week...you'll see.)

like i said.
i've been busy.

but there've been plenty of delightful things happening this week as well...

i'd like to take a quick moment to give props to all of you
for sharing your hearts with me
in response to last week's post.
you have no idea how much community i felt
and what a blessing it was to know that i'm not alone in feeling this way.
i'm currently composing a whole post about it
but i keep getting choked up as i write it
so be patient...it's coming.
but until then, thank you. 
from the bottom of my heart.

things that made me happy:

this guy coming home.
HUGE relief.
wish i'd gotten to squeeze his cute little face before he jetted back to Okinawa for a bit
it's okay though.
he'll be back.
and he's no longer fighting a war.

okay one more. what can i say?.. he makes me proud. 
i crafted a bit...
old pallet + travel prints
 yes, that is a vacuum cord in the background.
i told you i cleaned.
close up. happy memories. (:
 i indulged in a little online shopping
and purchased this side table
from West Elm. (psss. it's on sale this week.)
hubs totally redeemed himself
(for the whole making-me-clean-up-for-his-parents-coming-to-town)
and surprised me with this:
me. happy. sans makeup. try not to be afraid.
i woke up on Sunday afternoon
opened the bedroom door
and there it was
waiting for me.
my very own iPazzle

so this week hasn't been a total loss.

p.s. if any of you have tips on how to best view your Google reader on the iPad,
dish 'em.
i'm struggling here.
a new, mildly frustrated iPad user.


  1. you are my hero

    and your brother is HOT.

  2. I downloaded the actual google app, and it has a button that says apps at the bottom, you can edit them for gmail, or whichever ones you want, and reader is on there to!

  3. i want that table.

    and agreed, adoooooorable.

    id also take the ipad and medical degree while we're at it

  4. quick question about the ipad (and this may be what your asking about yourself)-can you blog from it?
    I desperately need something similar but heard weird things about it not being blog-friendly. And I'm totally pathetic when it comes to anything electronic so I oftentimes just give up.
    SO jealous of your new gift! Your hubby did GOOD!

  5. Hi Emily! I've been reading your blog for a bit...love it. Anyhow, wanted to pass on a few things re: your post today.

    First, Step 3 will be fine. (I finished my EM residency in 2009...I remember the pain of the USMLE!) I'm sure you've heard the whole "Study 2 months for step 1, 2 weeks for step 2 and bring a no.2 pencil for step 3..." Well, it's not quite that easy but as an EM resident you're better prepared than most. Just think of all the peds residents who take Step 3 in their third year and haven't seen an adult since medical school!!

    And (most important) - have you tried Flipboard for your new fancy iPad? That's how I view my reader...it's like a fancy magazine :).

    Happy studying. Keep up the great blog!!


  6. 1. Your brother is a hottie.
    2. I am slightly obsessed with that end table.

  7. I downloaded several apps for the reader, but so far I like it better to read straight from safari, because I like to see all the pretty blogs designs. But I use, both on my pc and my iPad, the little "next" bookmark (you set it up from your google reader options) and then just go to safari and click on the "next" bookmark and it takes me straight to my next unread blog post! I even have different categories so i can read happily ever after! It's wonderful!

  8. I spy with my little eye, The Brothers K.
    And that makes me happy.

  9. your blog is one of my faves, just fyi.

  10. Good luck on your exam!! My boyfriend just finished his Step 2, so I have an appreciation of how crazy it can make you.

  11. so much going on in this post! :) so glad that you're bro is home safe. must be the best feeling EVER!

  12. wait, have you already established that my bf (marshallsabroad.blogspot.com) is living in oki cause her hubs is in the marines? just another connection you and i share. it never ends.

  13. What a great post. I can't imagine being that busy!

    My favorite iPad rss reader is called MobileRSS for iPad. They have one for iPhone but obv you don't want that one. It's sweet though and makes it super easy to read through all of the blogs you follow either by updated date or by blog. Best app I've found for rss.

    Hope that helps! Have a great weekend, hopefully you get some free time to relax!

  14. so glad your brother is back home! & good luck on your test! we're all crossing our fingers for you :)

  15. I am in looove with my iPad 2. Do you use FlipBoard? That should help!


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