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posted on: Wednesday, October 5, 2011

us, with my double chin, dancing at our wedding reception
i don't think i've written a whole lot about our wedding on this blog
this blog BEGAN as i was planning it
but i think i skimmed over the actual event
probably time to rectify that
but today is not that day

however, i will say this
we had the incredible blessing of having 3 weddings
two in italy
and one reception 6 weeks later in California
the photo above is of us dancing at the Mexican fiesta that was our stateside reception
(hey, we like Mexican food. what can i say?)

at the reception,
we played this song that had sort of become "our song"
and what happened next pretty much sealed the deal forever...
all our family and friends gathered around us making a circle and put their arms over each other's shoulders and rocked and swayed to the music, singing to us

it was incredible.
i cried the happiest tears.

especially because i got to wear my wedding dress again.
me. uber-excited to wear my dress again. let's be honest...it almost didn't fit. 6 weeks, y'all. 6 measly weeks.

we've been having a rough week.
both of us fully embodying our specialties' personalities:
me- flexible, intense, push-it-to-the-limit, ready-for-anything Emergency Medicine
him- calculated, regimented, stick-with-a-routine, do-what's-best-for-your-body Rehab Medicine
trying to figure out how to make this marriage work
when we're both exhausted
with crazy and conflicting schedules
(ONE of us is always willing to sacrifice on sleep to get some quality time. I'm not saying who. but ONE of us...)
lying awake at night replaying the patients of the day
(did i miss an aneurysm? did that guy live? did i write for the right dose of that medication?)
these are the parts they don't tell you about on Grey's Anatomy
they totally make it look like the docs are only thinking about their patients at work
and when they go home, they only obsess about their convoluted personal lives
(unless they're sleeping with their patients. then they think about them.)

so i figured it'd do us some good to hear our song
what does it say about us that Kenny Loggins sings "our song"?
i don't know.
but before you mock me
let us recall that he is the man responsible for this gem:



  1. You guys will figure it out! Y'all are so cute together! :)

  2. Every couple goes through this. It's difficult to find the balance between work and your relationship. But you guys will overcome and move pass this busy point.

    P.S. Your dress is STUNNING! I'd love to see some more pictures :)

  3. You were the most beautiful bride! you guys will figure it out, you'll see :)

  4. i'm not married yet, but i think everyone goes through those rough weeks. and they are evil.

    and three weddings? dang, girl. #spoiled

  5. Wow so many weddings and 2 in italy! You in your dress=beautiful! Good thing you got to wear it more than once!

  6. i actually love this song, so does the husband...i think it's perfect. we did the whole complete opposite schedule thing for hubs 3 yr residency and it is SO hard sometimes, lots of times. i worked nights, he'd be on days...we'd see each other in passing for months at a time. so i feel ya. you guys will get through it together, cherish all those little moments...there's light at the end of the tunnel, even if it may be a long one!

  7. 1) i FUCKING love that song. heard it yesterday and sung loudly and off-key. yesss.
    2) kudos to you for figuring out a way to wear your wedding dress 3 times. nice one. nice.
    3) you might not get to see him a lot, but at least you have him.
    4) just keep swimming. just keep swimming. just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. ; )

  8. I LOVE that this is your song. My dad sings this to my mom and it makes my heart melt every time! You two are so stinkin' cute :)

  9. Danny's Song was my wedding song as well, and we were married just about the same time as you. Such a different song for our generation but really sums up all the feelings I have for my man.


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