Scenes from the Weekend

posted on: Tuesday, October 11, 2011

we had company this weekend.
huge trees make for excellent photo backdrops.

a better descriptor there never was.

i promise nick is not drunk. yet. just really really over taking pictures. clearly.

remember the Alamo.

just buds. hanging out.

guess which girl belongs to which guy?

the patriotism embodied in this photo is astounding.

scenes from an italian restaurant.

our lovers.

sometimes in texas, there is a longhorn on the corner.

he tried to push me in.

a heavenly mound of guacamole

no words.

alamo, you've been instagrammed.
 i've been dinged for my historical inaccuracy before
the above photo is not *technically* of the Alamo
but of a mission
in the whole, Alamo-complex.
mimosas are a fantastic way to begin a day.
like i how all the photos are totally out of order?
you might not have noticed that,
except that the mimosas came after the margaritas.
which is clearly breaking all the rules.

friends came to visit.
and we immensely enjoyed them.
without out-of-town guests, how would one ever see the sights of one's town?
(this was our first trip to the alamo.)

susanna and kenny and mike and elisabeth...
...we miss you already


  1. Looks like a fun trip, I am so ridiculously hungry as a result of seeing that photo of the pile of chips and guacamole. Heheh. :)

  2. this makes me miss home! love the pics

  3. Looks like you had a WONDERFUL time! That guacamole looks sooo yummy and so does the margarita with the beer in it. I really wanna try one of those bad boys.

  4. that mound of guac looks delish. I love your outfit and boots!

  5. I was not entirely convinced that a woman would be able to look attractive in fatigues, but I am now. I bow down to your powers of attractiveness!!

    Also, beer turned upside down into a marg is one of the best libations ever created.

  6. you look hot! loving your boots!! that riverwalk is a scary place when there is no rail and you've had too many cocktails. do people ever fall in?

  7. beer + guac=heaven

    Great that you are having fun...not all work! ;-)

  8. yay for being historically stimulated. good job! : )

  9. Just found your blog. Loved it and loved it even more when I saw that you're currently in Texas! I'm from there, but live in another state now. I adore this post for so many reasons! Thanks for sharing. :)


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