steal my heart away

posted on: Friday, October 14, 2011

maybe you've seen this.
maybe you're not as emotionally unstable as i am at the moment
(we had a trauma conference and talked about that kid that died a couple weeks ago.
i'm kind of a wreck today.
at least i *think* that's why i'm a wreck...)
but i fell apart from the cuteness.
and in case you haven't seen it, you should.



  1. Oh my goodness! Thank you for posting this! I had no seen it before now, and that little girl is incredible... Hope your day gets better! Emotional days really are the worst.

  2. Absolutely loved watching this (I may or may not have watched this a couple of times over the last couple of days...not telling). She is just so genuinely happy for every second she is on the show! Can turn any frown upside down!

  3. she's too cute. totally got tears flowing right now. you are not alone in that!

  4. So so so so CUTE!! :)

    Loved this, thanks for sharing!

    Niki @ LQM&M

  5. I loved these videos! The girls are so adorable! I think I need to have kids that talk like that! - Alyssa


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