from the brink of death...and a wedding

posted on: Monday, November 14, 2011

given my last post,
this title probably has you thinking all kinds of crazy things.

no, i did not drive my car off the highway ramp.
but i did fall prey to a horrible illness.
i have been an incubus of viral plague all week.
and today i'm piecing my life back together,
as it has fallen into complete disarray.
step one: blog.

first of all,
thank you for your kind thoughts and words about my friend Meghan.
she is hoping to go home tomorrow...
still in pieces...
(it'll take at least two more surgeries to put her foot back together)
but at least she'll be HOME.
keep praying though...
that her surgeon will be committed to restoring her quality of life
to something that most closely resembles what it was pre-accident
(there was talk of her never being able to wear heels again.  *GASP*)
here's a glimpse of what she's dealing with:
yes. the second toe is broken.
and yes. i posted nasty doctory shit on my blog. surprised? maybe you shouldn't be...
titanium is holding her leg together
and her foot is going to need some more patchwork
we're very thankful that she's safe.

last time i saw Meghan whole,
was last weekend.
tip: when bridesmaids dresses have pockets, you can sneak in an iPhone photo between pro-photog takes

the bride and the champion bridesmaid of the day...who braved food poisoning to stand by her bride

and also played photobomber (i could see this whole thing going down...which is why i was laughing hysterically.)

serious smile face.

me, Sus, Meg. bridesmatrons extraordinaires.
it was actually a freezing day for a wedding in Orlando, FL
but we braved it.
like the rockstars we are.

and Mellie gets home from her honeymoon this week
so here's some bridie pics i snapped
fakeout! not the bride...but her gawgeous sister Courtney 
and if you think Court looks familiar,
maybe it's because you've seen her here or here
she's a professional bridesmaid
also, Sadie Tucks and I have some interesting mutual friend connections
for people who met through the blogiverse, anyway.

our little Melody
all growed up and gettin married
*le sigh*

do i have gorgeous friends or what?


  1. so glad your friend is doing okay.

    and i miss you.

    like a lot.

    come back to me.

  2. glad she's doing okay.

    crazy small world.

  3. oh gosh I'm glad to hear that your friend is slowly recovering but I'll be keeping her in my prayers. Yes, you have gorgeous friends - I would have never thought I would like yellow bridesmaid dresses but ya'll pulled them off!
    Also, where did you get your hairpiece? It's beautiful!

  4. Oh gosh, best wishes to your friend! What a horrible accident

  5. gorg! glad you're putting life back together after being sick...that's the worst.

  6. HOrray fo your friend going home. Those bridesmaid dresses are adorable..such a great color!

  7. I LOVE your pictures of sweet Mel... feel free to photoshop me right in there xxx


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