giving thanks

posted on: Thursday, November 24, 2011

i spent a very delightful day
cooking and eating delicious food
watching football
painting nails
watching youtube vids
with my family

and i am so very thankful for them
and for... 
+my cozy house
+my car that still works 
(Marvin is his name. he turns 10 next year.)
+my job that i love and am so fulfilled by
(even though i'm not thrilled about going to work at 0630 tomorrow morning)
+my snuggly kitty, Ella
+passing my boards
(now i can apply for a medical license!)
+being DONE with the CCU
+amazing friends that love me at my worst and believe in me so wholeheartedly
+health-that my body will do what i want it to, when i want it to

but most especially...
photo by JL Photography
for this guy
who still looks at me that way
and put a hot meal on the table every.night. i worked in the CCU
and cleans the bathrooms
and lets me snuggle him whenever i want
and always rubs my leg when we're riding in the truck just so i know he's there
and gives me massages and back scratches before i go to sleep
and musters up excitement about decorating for christmas and sending out christmas cards
and believes in me when i don't believe in myself
and isn't threatened by my ambition or my intelligence, but instead appreciates me for those things...and loves me even more for them

for all these things, and more,
i am incredibly thankful.



  1. Congrats on passing your boards!! Go you :)!

  2. This is beautiful. :) So glad you had a nice Thanksgiving!

  3. That is a lot to be thankful for...especially your hot hubby. Plus he cleans?! Be still my heart... [must brainwash the boyfriend...]

  4. this was a really heartfelt post, em! i loved it.

    i hope you had an awesome thanksgiving. it sounds like the same things we did at jj's. :)

  5. Did you have to teach him the massage trick? Or is that genetic?


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