glamorous schlamorous

posted on: Wednesday, November 9, 2011

today i realized that i had been fantasizing
about driving my car off the elevated highway
on my way to work

not to commit suicide, mind you

i would have had the presence of mind to recline my driver's seat
so that when the car flipped
and the roof smashed in
i'd be laying flat
and wouldn't break my neck.

just enough of an injury to be in the hospital for a couple weeks.
to get some SLEEP for godssakes.

the life of a doctor is far from glamorous, my friends.

i am working crazy long, can't-stop-to-eat-or-pee days
and i pretty much hate my life right now.

i did get a weekend off, to go be in a wedding, and see my hubs for once
but have i had time to blog about it??

via my pinterest

but then i got a call from my bestie today
and she told me she had been hit by a car
while she was waiting to cross the street
a truck ran over her leg
it's broken in 3 places

she's in surgery right now
fixing her tibia, fibula, and calcaneus

so maybe the driving off a highway-shaped-cliff isn't such a grand thing to wish for?
and if you're of the praying type,
throw one up for Meggie
and her hubby and sweet baby Annaleigh


  1. Damn, Gina. Good to know to recline my seat if I never need a hospital stay bad enough... Thinking lovely thoughts for your BFF : (

  2. I almost went the doctor route, but decided sleep is more important. More power TO YOU though. It takes not only a smart individual to become a doc, but a strong one also. It will all be worth in in the end. i'm sorry to hear about your BFF, she and her family are in my thoughts :(

  3. sending prayers to your friend Meggie and to you - that you can get some sleep and time off soon.

  4. Prayers to your friend! And here's to hoping you get to breathe soon!

  5. Hi, So i searching on some bogs for travel info and your blog came up..not sure why. Then I thought man she looks familiar, searched around a bit and couldn't figure it out, searches some more and its dawned on me, you are friends with Marsa? I think she posted some pics of your wedding on her blog. Ben and Marsa where good friends of ours when we lived in Durham, NC - not Durham, England where we now live. Anyway, glad I stumbled across your blog!

  6. You can do it sista! I don't know one physician who doesn't love their job. It's hard work but it will all pay off later.

    Sleep is over rated anyway ;)

  7. Oh no I will keep your BFF in my prayers...


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