an outfit post

posted on: Wednesday, November 2, 2011

as much as i really do love my job,
it's not the most fashion-forward career path.

c'est la vie.

i rarely do outfit posts.
mostly because i rarely put on real clothes
(it's always scrubs, pj's, or a uniform)
if i were to wait until i got actually "dressed" to do an outfit post,
we'd all be waiting a long time.

so here's my version:

me. on the daily. 
 scrubs, white coat, stethoscope.
this cracks me up. 
these photos were clearly taken in my bedroom.
i'm a rebel.
and a thief.
and apparently a felon, since i stole government property
(relax. i'm giving it back tomorrow.)
someone literally paged me while i was taking this picture.
 i don't answer pages when i'm off-duty.
nametag, pen, penlight (for shining in patient's eyes are 6am. they love that.)
 there's a picture of my hospital on my white coat.
in case i get lost, they will know where to return me.
the look of eager trepidation i wear on my face. everyday.

the contents of my pockets.
patient info.
my stamp.
ACLS cards (even though i've got that ish memorized)

so there you have it.
what i wear.
every day.

now leave me some love.
i'm on call today.
i relish your comments blowing up my iPhone in my left white coat pocket.
(so you can picture it more clearly.)


  1. wow! the contents of your pockets! that's pretty personal lol

    hahaha love that it is illegal to remove your clothing from the hospital.... and a little confusing... oh wait, is that why those Grey's doctors are always in that little locker room getting naked? Thanks for opening my eyes about that lol I just assumed I never saw my dad in scrubs because he doesn't wear them.. well ok, I still think that.

    Have a great day! Hopefully you won't actually have to go in ; )


  2. paging doctor fleming. doctor fleming.

    i envy that you get to wear scrubs everyday. not so much that you have to deal with blood and guts. i suppose it's a tradeoff.

  3. I'm betting you are THE hottest doctor at BAMC. You are so precious in your little scrubs! I can picture you there at work... I grew up going there, including to that ER, on occasion. ;P

  4. Oh you look so cute in scrubs! I am jealous you get to wear those everyday- makes getting dressed so easy! My bedroom looks like a war zone with my daily discards!

  5. I'm loving this outfit post!!! What I have to look forward to...

  6. I don't know what you think, but I say this outfit is pretty bad ass. I wore something pretty stylish today but advertising isn't saving lives m'lady. You are. That instantly makes your outfit 100x better than mine!

  7. We could trade outfits for a week? Although I would probably never want to give you the scrubs back. But I don't want any charges brought up against me, either...
    Do you ever get ink blots in your pockets? My fiance ALWAYS get those and I hate trying to get them out. Whoever decided a Doctor's coat should be white obviously didn't do their own laundry.

  8. Those scrubs are a nice shade of turquoise! My god awful nursing scrubs are currently a navy blue top and these beige potato sacks that are meant to be pants. Ugh! I look forward to the day I become a Doctor and get to wear fancy pant scrubs like that. Hurrah! x

  9. I love this post. I have decided you are pretty much a bad ass. Scrubs are the best thing ever and you make em look good!

  10. Love it! Makes me wanna go to Med school just so I can be a doctor and wear professional "doc" clothes like that :)

  11. nice picture of your hospital on the front. you know, just in case you cant find it. hahah

  12. You look great! :) The scrub theft disclaimer is pretty comical! ;)

  13. you make all of my greys anatomy dreams come true.

  14. adorable! you pull off the lab look perfectly (: Now go save some lives woman!

  15. This post cracks me up! As a nurse, I'm with you on scrubs. However comfy they may be, they are just not very fashionable. :) FYI, loving your blog!

  16. you cute little doctor you.
    not gonna lie, I feel ya on only wearing scrubs & pjs... I think I've forgotten how to really "dress". it's a problem.

  17. why are you suuuuch a badass emily! and you are one hot doc. and captain. and just human in general. that emily fleming, so hot right now.

  18. You are so official! I want to be a doctor just so I can have the coat. For reals.

  19. love it. not many people can still pull off the pager! :)

  20. You look absolutely adorable in your uniform...hahah I hope you don't get in trouble for "stealing" it!

  21. well, luckily for you, you look good even in scrubs! :)

  22. how meredith grey of you. do you get your scrubs altered? just wondering if people did that. i would if i had to wear them...

  23. LOVE the outfit post! I especially enjoyed the pager and the kate spade iPhone cover!


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