scenes from turkey day

posted on: Friday, November 25, 2011

i'm drinking hot apple cider
out of my Christmas mug
watching The Wedding Date
(not Christmasy...but still a guilty pleasure. Dermott Mulroney...ohemgee)

basically, life is fantastic.
i am STILL feeling thankful.
so let's relive, shall we?
pre-roasting of the bird.
 best part about making champagne turkey for t-giving?
having an excuse to buy that second bottle...
for drinking mimosas while it roasts
poppin' bottles

me and champagne are friends.

in my family, we let 12-year-olds drink mimosas.
when the 12-year-old is as tall as you are,
you figure her liver can metabolize a schmitch of the bubbly. 
the turkey is a boozer.

16 year olds become docile when forced to peel apples.

she's clearly shy.
homegirl signs all her emails (yes, she has an email account) "lil diva"

just because.

she's a pretty one. with her fuchsia feathers.

finally done!

spinach balls. a vegetable for good measure.

the grown-up table. i didn't sit here.

but i totally swiped one of those bottles for MY table.
here's hoping the Thanksgiving holiday will manage to prevail past last Thursday.
i had the day off
but i went back to work Friday and have been there ever since
day after Thanksgiving, i had to tell a patient he had a mass in his brain.
happy thanksgiving, you have brain cancer.

puts things into perspective a bit, eh?
hope you're finding lots to be thankful for
that you have someone that loves you as much as this...

somebody i'm married to had this little gem waiting for me when i got home from work



  1. only two bottles of champagne? i'm surprised. and that turkey looks amaaaaazing.

  2. I am so making a Champagne Turkey next year. Or maybe for Christmas!

  3. My fiance surprised me with a christmas tree a couple years ago! Best gift EVER- aside from the new camera he got me, that's pretty cool too, I guess. LOL

    Hope you had an AMAZING t-giving! That turkey looks delish!


  4. This is so cute! I loved all of your little captions :)

  5. look at your little side braid! i love it.

  6. never tried a champagne turkey. must give that a go. i just put a stick of butter on mine..healthy.

    you're the prettiest. whats that red thing in the top pic in the turkeys ass?

  7. definitely did not stop at two bottles of champagne. well worth it.

  8. Champagne turkey!!?? Sounds delicious!

  9. Champagne turkey sounds delightful! Love you had a tree surprise!


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