posted on: Tuesday, November 15, 2011

honestly, i'm miserable.
i can't remember a time when i've dreaded the coming days more.
this rotation just sucks.
i'm done with it on Thursday.
which CANNOT come soon enough.
i can't wait to get back to 8 hour shifts...and dump these 15 hour days i'm currently pulling.

it's pretty hard to feel sorry for yourself when you work at a military hospital though.
which is not to say that i'm not giving it a whole-hearted effort.

moving on.
"wurstfest" is not just another name for the rotation i'm currently on.
count the different kinds of meat...
wurstfest is a 50-year-old tradition
in new braunfels, tx.
it's very German.
there's lots of "wursts"
bratwurst. liverwurst. wurstkabob.
and of course, turkey legs.
pretttty excited about the sausage.
(that's what she said)
we brought friends.
blogosphere, meet Dave and Meghan.
dave went to med school with us.
nick lived with him before we got married.
meg is a newly gradjamacated pharmacist.
they live in our apartment complex.
and dave is in the AF with me...we work at the same hospital.
awesomeness all around.
second favorite thing about wurstfest.
with oktoberfest brews in them.
third favorite thing.
old dudes dressed like this.
(i had to take this on the sneak. sorry for the blur. he moved surprisingly fast.)
99 bottles of beer on the wall....

nick's very first funnel cake.
 i know.
it had apples on half. 
action shot.

note the collection of pitchers...

pretty texas.
we had a delightful time.
wurstfest also included a master yodeler.
and a polka contest.

texas, you never cease to amaze me with your kitschy-ness.

p.s. countdown to the end of CCU: 47 hours, 24 minutes....


  1. ok ok get me to wurstfest. i'm missing my bratwurst, and i could use a little bit of that hilarious guy inmy life.

  2. i think out of the whole post, the thing that shocks me most is that your husband had never eaten a funnel cake before this - that is crazy. We have at least a few per year - especially when visiting Dollywood!

  3. I love so much about this post! Especially the sausage (but, i'm a vegetarian, so sucks for me), the old man all dressed up, the beer and your outfit! Love your dress with boots! So cute! California needs a sausage fest, ha!

    I'm sorry work is so miserable. Thursday is SO close! YOu can do it!

    I LOVE your blog! And that your a doctor. Amazing!


  4. I miss this food so much. Also your outfit is super adorable per usual. x

  5. cant wait for the christmas markets here and their wursts. when your done with this stupid rotation does that mean we get spend time together again via skype? i really hope so.

  6. Love turkey legs! Also, a huge fan of all things kitschy that the south has to offer.

  7. Hang in there! thursday is just around the corner!!!

    Funnel cake...YUM! I hope he enjoyed it! And you two are so cute - as always. Yay for having friends who understand what you're going through to unwind with!

  8. Several of my friend go to this every year, and I'm dying to experience it for myself. You can never go wrong with sausage [like you say...that's what she said].

  9. cute outfit babe! you two look so happy :)

  10. HA! It's a good time isn't it!?! You guys should def hit up The Houston Rodeo in a few months, nothing more Texas than that!!

  11. Oh that looks amazing. Hope you cope okay with the crazy shifts x

  12. whatever about the bratwurst, how about that dress and frye boot ensemble you've got goin. gimme.


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