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posted on: Monday, December 5, 2011

what i'm loving today...
this dress.
so sexy, yet demure.
and the red lip?
stop it right now.

chambray with sequins.
and those red mary janes.
perfect way to make sequins more chic, and less disco.
see if i don't try this with my blue sequined mini...
just you watch.

of all sizes.
and again with the red lip.

all of these images are brought to you by the one and only J.Crew
(really, it's Jenna Lyons. who wore J.Crew except preps and ivy-leaguers...which might be the same thing...before J.L. came along? no one. that's who. now every girl wants to be that girl with the slightly confused expression on her perfectly made-up face on the cover of the catalog.)

you know the one.

love her.


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