favorite things #7

posted on: Tuesday, December 6, 2011

happy monday!
this is a picture of me and my huz
both awake and vertical.
glad i took it.
since the next time we'll be this way won't be until Friday
self portraits are the shizzle.
side note:
those of you who have friends/husbands who like to take pictures...
the alternative is the ever-popular iPhone self-portrait.

and in case you were wondering:
on me- dress:Zara, jacket:TJ Maxx, boots:Frye, leg warmers:F21, tights:can't remember
scarf:found in a lecture hall
on him- pants:BR, shirt:Express, sweater:Jcrew

our schedules aren't terrible right now
they're just totally opposite.
which pretty much translates as terrible, in my book.
ilovemyjob ilovemyjob ilovemyjob

here's what's next on my list of favorite things:
i love them both.
i can't decide.
i haven't worn a watch in years.
always said that i had a cell phone...didn't need one.
but if i had one of these babies,
i just might make an exception.
you have no idea just how many applications there are for a watch in medicine
taking pulses...
timing pauses in heart rates...
coaching a patient through vagal maneuvers to break supraventricular tachycardia...
the list is endless, really.

which one would you pick?


  1. the first one! and yall are so cute. girl crush. obviiiiii.

  2. The first one is absolutely gorg! Love your outfit babe!

  3. chelsea will have to fight it out with me because i'm right there with her on the girl crush.

  4. You look super cute in your self portrait.
    Love both watches. Michael Kors is my obsession.
    I would go with the 2nd one though.

  5. ive decided i will let you get me the first one for christmas.

    youre welcome

  6. Love both those watches! I think the 2nd is my favorite of the two!

  7. LOVE MK watches. i got one "for school" when i started PA school. let's not tell my husband that you've gotten this far without one...


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