favorite things #8

posted on: Tuesday, December 13, 2011

i need me some rain boots.
i've had my eye on some hunters for a loooong time.
(is it weird that the chick in the hunter ad is dancing in rainboots
on a day that is rather decidedly sunny?)

can't decide on a color though.

red is always a lovely choice.

but then again,
the hipster in me loves these devil-may-care classics
or maybe these Jcrew exclusives?
i DO love me some shearling.
and waterproof?
bring on the snow, Colorado. i'll see you in February.
(p.s. we're going snowboarding in February. did i forget to tell you?)
damn you, Jcrew.
you've got me again.

today i'm having a thrilling day of reading ER textbooks
and going to the dermatologist.
any and all commentary you might have on
these footwear options
would be a much-welcomed distraction.


  1. the hipster in me wants you to get the red hunters so that i can be super orig when i get the others.

  2. I love the classic Hunters, but really, EVERYONE has them now. I've been wanting them forever, but seeing them everywhere makes them a little boring these days. I do like the bright red. or yellow! I also love the last pair from Jcrew! I think those would be better for the snow too!

  3. If snow is involved, your best bet is definitely the Sorels!!! This is coming from a girl living in Canada.... who is about to say goodbye to her hunters for the winter :(

  4. Go for the Jcrew sperry's! Everyone is rockin the hunters. Have you looked at Sorels? I just purchased my pair from Jcrew. super cute colors. and i'm in love.

  5. I finallyyyy got a pair of Hunters a couple months ago.. And I am depressed to say I've barely even worn them!! I don't know why! It's crazy. I should try to wear them more...

    ... But on to YOUR shoe conundrum. Absolutely the J.Crew pair. I think I may need them myself.. Amsterdam is awfully cold and rainy..

  6. All of them?
    Ok, the J Crew pair.
    I'd typically say the Hunters because they are beautiful, but rain in San Antonio doesn't happen a whole lot these days!


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