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posted on: Friday, December 23, 2011

I never used to be a crier.
Not sure what changed, really...
But now I find myself moved to tears over the littlest things.
just last night I was crying as I thought about leaving today

I went home to see my family in Florida
And now I'm waiting to board a plane back to Texas
So Nick and I can spend our very first Christmas together...alone
Make sense?
It's our first couple-Christmas without our families.

We're excited.
We have big plans.
Lots of fun food and relaxation to be had.
Our Christmas tree has had presents under it for weeks
(when it's just the two of us, there's no Santa rouse to keep up..)
I know. It's huge.

Yet, excited as I am to see my hubby,
I find myself getting all sentimental about my first ever Xmas without my family
Not just for myself
But also for my sibbies
They're used to my brother being gone for Christmas
But I've always been there.
Now he's home, and I'm gone
Must suck for them to always have part of their family missing.

But this is what's supposed to happen.
We grow up. We move on.
We start new families and have to leave our origins behind sometimes.
It's just part of it. Something my sibbies will understand more someday..
When they leave home and grow up too.

As for me, Nick and I have our own little family now.
Just us and our kitty.
We're starting our own Christmas traditions.
It's bittersweet.
Either way, I can't wait to see him.


And I'm guest-posting today on Megan's lil bloggie
So if you're joining me from there, welcome.
Hope you'll stay awhile.
I'm not always this mushy and sentimental.
There's usually a more-than-healthy dose of sarcasm as well.
These holidays, man! They're a-tuggin on my heart strings!
(doesn't that totally sound like something someone from Texas would say??!?)
(I'm learning.)

P.s. sorry for the total lack of image. I'm posting from the Houston airport. On my iPad. And my ish is giving me fits...

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  1. my mother and i were just talking about how I have become so emotional lately- she thinks it happened once I was married because, strange enough, once she married my dad she became UBER-baby about crying.. so I'm going with the whole marriage thing is why I cry at every single emotional moment.. so I feel ya, woman. Hope you have a lovely three days together (: Happy xmas!

  2. the thought of spending a christmas without my siblings makes me cry too. but at least you have a husband to take your mind off it, right? right. and also, may i say - i'm impressed that you type your posts on your ipad...as i cannot even seem to type out a text message on an iphone (i'm a trained blackberry user for life...or until christmas, when i'll hopefully get an iphone and become a mac-o like yourself!).

  3. I'm in the same boat as you and can't stop thinking about it. Starting new traditions will be great and I can't wait to hear what you two end up doing. Merry Christmas!

  4. I got teary reading this. I too didn't used to be this emotional. It is hard that we always have to be away from one side of our family for the holidays. I think your Christmas plans sound wonderful, though. I hope that my husband and I get to have at least one Christmas like that before we have kids.

    Hope that your holiday is wonderful!

  5. i know what you mean. i did 3 years away from my fam while i lived in san diego. it was hard, but at least you'll have some alone time with the hubs.

    p.s. maybe you're all emo right now 'cause you're preggo? eh? maybe? although i'm sure you'd be fully aware. i mean, you ARE a doctor... ; )

    merry xmas, buddy!

  6. Merry Christmas!

    I'm your newest follower. :)

    For me, getting strangely emotional accompanied a year of insanely intense school. I don't like it ... but I deal with it. And I admit that sometimes its fun when people do anything you want because you're crying. :D

  7. I'm away from my family this year as well, spending Christmas with my boyfriend. I love it but do admit I miss our traditions. But hope to make Christmas traditions with my love. Loved your guest post on Megan's blog.

    Love your blog and am following, yay!

    Merry Christmas!

  8. merry christmas em!! i'm sure its tough leaving your family- but its probably so nice having your own little one, too :)! hope you had a safe trip!


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