things money can't buy

posted on: Friday, December 2, 2011

it's been a blur of a day
i got home from work at midnight
but was too wired from all the coffee to fall asleep
finally passed out (with the aid of a white russian) at 1:15
had to be up at 7 to make it to Grand Rounds
(mandatory Friday lecture series)
then went to the grocery store on my way home
so i could still feel like a good little housewife
and put some food on the table for my husband for pete's sake
thanks to the beauty that is the crockpot
i can do that
even though i'm headed out the door to go BACK to work again right now

we're working opposite schedules right now
i'm asleep when he leaves for work at 6am
he's asleep when i get home from work at 12am
and repeat.
it's a vicious cycle.

but today,
my favorite thing
is the Post-it.
which allows us to keep in touch
yes, we both have iPhones
but it's so much more intimate to come home
and find that little yellow square full of love
waiting for you on the kitchen counter

oh, and he leaves the Christmas lights on for me when I get home too.

this Christmas season
has thus far been defined by our post-it love-notes.
and i'm totally okay with that.


  1. Love love love your stories!

  2. Absolutely amazing! I love the post-it note idea!

  3. Aww, I totally teared up when I read this. That's how school was for me last Spring. We loved eachother in passing...

  4. i like this.
    also, his handwriting is pretty nice and not at all little boyish like most guys i know.
    that's something else that money can't buy, right? good penmanship? i thought so.

  5. awww I love that you two do this! I always think something hand written (no matter how short or long) is better than a text message. Hopefully you two will be on the same schedule soon!
    Russ has an ER rotation coming up and I'm dreading it.

  6. Way to keep the love alive! Well done!


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