dirty thirty

posted on: Tuesday, January 17, 2012

yesterday the flemings reached a milestone.
one of us turned 30.
and it was not me. 
(i'm so gonna get it when i turn 30)

i worked the 3p-11p shift on Sunday night
so i was sleeping when Nick woke up at 6am to get ready for work
...or so he thought...

we ended up getting a Sonos music system for Christmas
and the great thing about it is that you can control your music wirelessly via your iPhone
from any room in the house
like the bedroom
while Nick is in the kitchen making coffee
and you can blast Tim McGraw's "My Next Thirty Years"
at 6am.

not saying i did that.
just saying i could

birthday cake
i baked him a cake. 
incidentally, i was skyping Megan whilst baking,
and i believe that i belittled her very existence in my act of domestication,
as evidenced by the following tweet:

i can't help it that i'm equal parts domestic goddess and driven career-woman
and if you believe that,
then you haven't been reading this very long.

but i digress.

Nick got off work early
and came home to be surprised by his cake
which we did not immediately delve into
because we were headed for lunch

italian wine is the prettiest. (and the driest amiright?)
we went to Dough 

when given the choice between sparkling or still, we ALWAYS sparkle.
 Dough is an amazing Napolitano pizzeria
and hidden gem in San Antonio
that also makes their own mozzarellas and burratas
winter burrata, with leeks, baby portobellos, and pancetta

cannellini bean soup

crack bread. it's addicting.

their oven. brought over on a ship. from Naples, Italy. blam.

oh hey.

we had a delightful lunch
because I had to work again at 3pm
self-timer self portraits are the best. 
it wasn't ideal
but around here, these days, we take what we can get.
and sometimes, what you can get, is cake. 
lemon raspberry cake with lemon buttercream frosting
so Nick, if you're reading this (which you rarely do),
i'm so proud of who you're becoming
and i genuinely believe you are the most handsome 30-year-old to walk this earth.
you have so many gifts and talents
and you love me so well.
i feel incredibly blessed to walk through life with you
and i can't wait to see what the next 30 years hold.

happy birthday!


  1. Happy Birthday!!

    That Italian food is yummy and making my mouth water lol

  2. i love your mustard jeans! and what a sweet, awesome wife you are- seriously, i feel like megan.. hehe happy bday to your hubby!

  3. What a great birthday for Nick! I swear you know about way more cool {read: delicious] things in San Antonio than I do, and I lived there for the majority of my life! And that cake just looks BEYOND amazing. Recipe?

  4. happy birthday to your hubby! That cake looks amazing!!!

  5. whatever. im baking a cake right now

    no im not.

  6. i don't know what i'd rather have...that cake, or those mustard pants. but if we're being totally honest, i'd choose cake over clothes any day. ESPECIALLY when it's buttercream frosting.

  7. Happy Birthday to the husband!

    And oh my goodness I want that mozarella like NOW!

  8. whoa, that cake looks amazing. recipe?

  9. It was a bad, bad idea to read this post while hungry. And miles from a city with a restaurant remotely like that one.

    You should do outfit posts sometimes! :) Like, telling us about the awesome yellow youre rockin ...

  10. I love that you played that Tim McGraw song! That must have been priceless!! And I love reading your blog and witnessing that women really can be successful career women and wives at the same time. Kudos!

  11. you make me laugh daily! (or every day that you post - same difference right!?) I seriously hope that you blasted Tim McGraw. I must invest in this Sonas thing immediately. And the cake sounds fantastic!

  12. Happy birthday to your hubby!!

    I wish I could meet you in real life - you crack me up every single time I visit your blog. Work for the air force in Japan? Ok, yes.

    That cake looks amazing.. so glad you put the recipe on here!

  13. You two are so cute. Love the pic and that you took time to bake him cake


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