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posted on: Thursday, January 5, 2012

i was bad about taking photos this holiday season.
go ahead, slap my hand.

here's a few of my faves.

the broheim and his lady.

i wuz there.

present for my mama. she likes red.

hungry beast.

a face i grew up with most of my life.

pretty sissy.

an old cuban. did the job nicely. 
 those first images were from my trip home to FL.
i feel bad that i left out half my family in these pics.
but in my defense, i was recovering from food poisoning.

now, we go back to Tejas.
mistletoe is a necessity.

christmas cards. LOVE getting them. (hint hint)

you need Cowboy boot stockings in Texas.

but you must also remember your roots. with a flamingo. unofficial FL state bird.

welcome to our house!

be proud of me. i hung wedding pictures.

more bars...in more places.


find the pickle...

ella's stocking.

it's a charlie brown-ish christmas in this house.

my Xmas eve view: hubby, kitty, a fire, and It's a Wonderful Life. and it is.
i don't know if i made this clear,
but Nick's out of town.
this is his vacay week. which is clearly different from my vacay week.
and that, my friends, is unfortunate.
(it's also a long story)

i was thinking about it though...
Nick and I have been together for 5 holiday seasons now.
and we've only spent one New Year's Eve together.
and we've NEVER spent an NYE together since we got married.
next year....
next year.

it flat-out sucked not having him here for my birthday.
yesterday i was suffering from post-bday blues.
i missed my huz.
i felt old (no thanks to my sibbies, who daily remind me that i'm ancient).
i felt lonely coming home to an empty house.
and frankly, i missed the attention.
i said it.

today was much better.
mostly because i bought new jeans.
and because i began my day to this jam:

what have we learned from this video?
VS models can't dance.

that sh*t cray.


  1. the WTT album, in combination with beyonce's '4' and lil wayne's 'tha carter IV' can do WONDERS when you need an early morning jumpstart.

  2. Jeans do make it all better. I am always on the lookout for a good pair. And I am finding myself not so in love with those butt crack baring denims. Tell tale sign that I am getting older. Oy.

  3. the cowboy boot stockings were too cute! Hope you had a good holiday season. And happy {belated} birthday.

  4. That pic of your bro and his girlie is so cute :)

    I love It's A Wonderful Life - I bought it on DVD last Christmas and wanted to get the boys in my house to watch it - in the end we ended up with a Studio Ghibli fest instead of Christmas films! :(

  5. i had my wedding photos in that SAME frame! well... when i was married. good frame choice, buddy. and happy new year, bizzo

  6. Those Christmas pictures are great! Haha, the video made me laugh. I wanted one of those pots for Christmas too!

  7. models dancing makes me uncomfortable

  8. You know what I love?


    I love that peacock bird on top of your Christmas tree.

    That is all.

  9. you and your sister look like twins and i adore your christmas card holder, where is that from? i really love, all of your decorations really, your place looks so squeaky clean. i am impressed.

    i love your blog because its entertaining but i also love it because it reminds me to appreciate the time i have with my husband, who i work with, (24/7, seriously) especially on those days i want to punch him, or go get a different job, so thanks :)

  10. LOVING that jam right now. Sorry you had the sadz, but glad you are feeling better today.

  11. You did take great pictures...You and your husby need to spend NYE together soon...:-)

    P.S. cowboy boots stocking=amazing!

  12. 1. I love buying new jeans. They pretty much make life better.
    2. You and the huz def need a nye together! With a photo of the kiss for the blogosphere to see as proof.
    3. thank you so much for introducing me to this song. i heart it.
    4. we also learned that the victoria's secret models need to eat. like asap.
    5. i adore this blog and you. and i will probably continue to tell you this multiple time!
    6. the end! :)

  13. that video had me giggling all day--they really can't dance, can they?!


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