a lil outfit post

posted on: Friday, January 20, 2012

a couple of you
(okay, maybe more like one of you...)
said i should do more outfit posts.
i was flattered.
and also all, dude. i put on real clothes like, once a week.
but last night was one of those times.
so i took pikchas.

jacket: anthro
shirt: J.crew
pants: anthro
necklace: F21
shoes: Jimmy Choo
lips: MAC pencil in Vino

still haven't figured out how to convince the hubs to take pictures of me
hence all the slightly awkward self portraits.
in light of that, 
my request that he do a vlog with me was pretty stupid.
one day, we watched Meg+Stephen's vlog
and i asked him, "would you ever do a vlog with me?"
and he was like "hmmm. maybe?? it'd have to be about something fun."
me: "what's fun?"
him: "sex is fun."

this is SO not that kind of blog.

so we might be lightyears away from seeing Nick's Cali dimple scruffy face live on video
but i, personally, am not opposed to vlogging.
but about what?
help me.
help me, help you.


  1. LOVE your outfit you sexy doctor you.

    and we have already discussed blogging porn.

    so i wont even go there.

  2. why does that jacket have to be from Anthro? I want it and probably can't afford it lol

    I also can't believe I missed Megan and Stephen's vlog! must go watch... thanks for providing the link


  3. I may or may not be obsessed with your outfit. The yellow pants are to die for. Maybe not literally though.

  4. Love love love your outfit. Cute as can be.

    I'd love to hear a run down of one of your scariest/most exciting/ surprising dr. related stories :)

  5. Vlog you must! I demand it, now. please and thanks! You could talk about what the girl above said... doctor stories. those are always fun. especially for your medical readers. But I would also like to learn more about your family - brothers sisters parents and such! It really doesn't matter what you talk about as long as you do one!!! ;) and I adore the huz and wife vlogs.. or bf/gf... which ever haha. Tell Nick to answer questions from readers like Jenni from Story of My Life's huz did. That's a starting point. and this is a long comment. the end.

  6. my best friend from college is in her 1st yr of residency in denver and i can promise you she never looks this cute (i'm such a good friend).

    on a separate note, you have a follower who's picture is just of her boobs.

  7. I want to raid your closet!!

  8. Ahhh you did what I asked! :) That was cool. Should have known those were Anthro pants.

    Well, if you want a vlog like Megan's, you need to trick Nick into it. So he won't know, you know?

    Or maybe its too late, if he saw theirs. Maybe he'll be on his guard.

  9. I'm liking this. More more more I say!

  10. I love everything about this outfit! :)

    I'm glad to know that I'm not the only blogger who has never vlogged. I'm really indecisive about it. LOL Either my baby-sized voice will scare people away, or it will be totally lame.

  11. Vlog vlog vlog away. Some funny doctor experiences/stories would be fun to hear about. What really goes on in those hospitals? Are Grey's Anatomy and ER reliable sources? Kind of like a
    True Life: Ridiculously Good Looking Doctors ;)

  12. had to look at what ahn said.

    yup. just boobs.

    you look pretty, more outfits pleaseeee

  13. I'm so glad I found your blog! Your style is super cute. I am actually making a career change from dental hygiene to physician assistant, so it's always exciting to find people in the medical field on the blog world. :) Yay!

  14. Love the outfit, especially the yellow pants! Re vlogging, i say go for it, husband or not!

  15. oh my goodness! just came across your blog and i'm loving it! i can't imagine how you do it, being an emergency medicine intern! the suckiness is temporary, it can only get better, right? good luck!


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