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posted on: Wednesday, January 11, 2012

have we talked about my love for the Avett Bros?
either way,
it bears repeating.
a lil' something for you to listen to while you read...

so Nick came home on Sunday.
color me delighted.

but now he's sick.
probably (read: most definitely) from ringing in 2012 a little too robustly.

i failed to pictorially document our blessed reunion.
but i will tell you this:
he got a tattoo.
it travels down the right side of his torso
(along what persons such as myself might call the mid-axillary line)
and it reads: "as it was in the beginning is now and ever shall be. amen."
from this prayer:
Glory be to the Father, and to the Son, and to the Holy Spirit,
as it was in the beginning, is now and ever shall be, world without end. Amen.

which i think is beautiful.
and is also, as it turns out, one hell of an aphrodisiac.
and that is all i have to say about that.

what else has been going on?

i've been designing my research protocol for the past two weeks
during the...drumroll please...Intern Research Course
i'll be curing AIDS, then cancer

seriously though,
it's a study looking at how well Emergency Physicians are able to detect wooden foreign bodies using ultrasound.

wake up.
you fell asleep.

so i won't be winning any Nobel prizes.
at least I'll be able to graduate.
maybe get my name on a paper or something.
there's been a bit of a movement in the blogosphere
i'm not sure where it started,
but i caught wind of it via E and Jenni
to sum up,
blogging can be addicting.
people are ignoring their kids and their husbands in favor of attending to their blogs.
i've fallen prey to this too.
(obviously not too hard,
as anyone who has grown accustomed to my sporadic posting habits and nonexistent comment-reply protocol can attest.)
but still.
we all crave the community we can build with our blogs.
it's incredibly gratifying.
but there's more to life.
MUCH more.
and while the blogging community is shrinking the world in a truly remarkable way
and the friendships formed in it are genuine and real,
we all have "real" lives
with families and friends and spouses and kiddos and coworkers
...and--if you're me--patients...
right in front of our faces

and maybe *they* are what matter most?

what am i taking away from all this?
i'm using it as an excuse to continue with my status quo.
it's been sanctioned now.

but seriously.

when i start to feel guilty about neglecting my blog
because i've been studying for my ER inservice exam...
or reading about Emergency Medicine...
or completing one of my bajillions of assignments that come with residency...
or writing a research protocol that could change the face of medicine...
(okay that will never happen. let it go.)
or treating patients..
or, most importantly, hanging out with my husband...

i'm going to stop
(feeling guilty, that is)

because i'm reminded that it's not all that important.
this began as a form of catharsis for me.
and a form of catharsis it shall remain.
no more.
no less.

but i still love you all.
and treasure your words and your blogs.
don't stop doing what you're doing.
you're making the world a cozier and more beautiful place.


  1. it's not weird that i want to see a picture of the tat, right? oh, remind me to show you a picture of kylie's sister's tat. yikes.

  2. yeah. cancer. knock that ish out.
    do a good job

  3. im with Ahn...i want to see the tat...

    and im pretty sure if stephen got be all up in that...

    even more then i already am..

    which sounds slutty and sinful

    its not

    but kinda is

    i hope ahn and bridget dont come here..


    jenni and e's blog post did a wake up call on me too..

    i wont go as far as E, mainly because i dont have a child, and because of the time different i can be off the comp when stephen is home..

    and i dont save lives..bla blabla

    but at the end of the just really effing glad i met you and some of the others on this thing..

    otherwise i would have no bridal party for W2

    i joke


  4. Avett Brothers? I absolutely love.

    You'll do some serious bum-kicking on your research!

  5. That prayer is beautiful. Its a really awesome idea for a tattoo.

    I just bet you were quite seriously pumped and primed for his return :)

  6. I didn't fall asleep - my best friend is studying for her PhD in Biochemistry - or something like that. I often don't keep up with what she's doing but I read about it and then ask her more questions and things like that because I know I don't get it but it's important to her so I make the effort.

    Just like I don't get some of the web coding stuff that my hubby does but I try to learn about it anyway to take an interest in what's important to him.


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