new year's eve: what i wore

posted on: Monday, January 2, 2012

i can't even believe it's 2012.
all night last night i was writing "01Jan2012" on all my dr's orders
and it was totally tripping me out.

my birthday is tomorrow.
28...get ready for me.
usually the new year is a time for me to reflect on the year behind me
and contemplate hopes and dreams for the year ahead
since the new year and the next year of my life have their onset at pretty much the same time
i get all moody and sentimental and deep
(which, let's be honest, isn't all that great of a departure from my norm)
i haven't had time to wallow in contemplation much thus far in '12
i've been working 12-hr night shifts
and the world is a blur.

i did have NYE off though.
so, naturally, i night-owled it up and tried to stay on my night shift schedule
 i had to, amiright?
hey there
i'll be honest
i got fancy drunk on NYE
the drunkenness wasn't all that out of the ordinary
but the fanciness was.
exhibit A. 

blazer: Elizabeth & James.
 dress: Sheri Bodell. 
nails: "the full monty" Butter London. 
lips: MAC "chance encounter" and "red enriched"  
shoes: jessica simps

me and my date for the evening, my residency bff Stacy (:
it was a fun night.

now LAST night,
back at work...
there was this crazy patient
who got hisself stabbed in the neck
he rolled in all slumped over the stretcher
not breathing
then he came to and started screaming about his leg hurting?
his blood pressure was crazy-low
so they gave him meds so we could intubate.
and then i did.
always a pleasure, that intubation.
how i love it.
i remembered to sterilize all the blood off my stethoscope
since my next patient was a 5 day old baby.


now leave me some love.
i'm going to get some sleep
so i can wake up and get ready to turn 28.


  1. your hair is awesome.

    and here's some pre-birthday love --> {LOVE}

  2. I love your outfit! You looked awesome. I always wanted to be a doctor but I have this thing with blood which instantly ruled that out.

  3. yay for fancy drunken nights. we all need 'em. and way to save some lives. go get 'er!

  4. your work life is crazy, girl (: but you look so pretty ringing in the new year!! hope you have a wonderful birthday, as well (: may i steal your term "fancy drunk"? cuz i kind of like it (i'm stealing it anyway..)

  5. love the e&j blazer.

    happy birthday pretty girl!

  6. 1. Those shoes are STUNNING
    2. YOU are stunning
    3. That crazy ER story sounds like the one Sean tells me every night after his shift... crazy stuff I tell ya. It gets me so pumped up for what's waiting for me ;)
    4. Happy early birthday Em! This will be the best year yet... Promise :)

  7. Fancy drunk... always a step up for me too. Wearing not jeans and having glass(es) of wine not at home? Oh yeah.

    Have a good birthday, Em! I think it'll be awesome. I have powers like that, where I know things. That isn't true. But it could be.

  8. feliz cumpleanos, and wait...stabbed in the neck? how?

  9. Black blazer and dress make an amazing chic outfit.

    & Happy Birthday!!! :-)

  10. 1. You are stunning in your NYE get-up!
    And (To quote you)
    B. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Wish I could be there to ring in your new year!

    Keep the hospital stories coming. You know I love them.

  11. LOVE your outfit! So cute! Glad you had NYEs off and a chance to dress up!

  12. You looked stunning in those pics! LOVING the hair! And happy early birthday to and my hubby share the same birthday - same year and all!

  13. You look amazing and I love your dress! Happy New Year, and Happy (almost) Birthday!!!

  14. Love your outfit! Seriously, perfection! And happy birthday!!!

  15. LOVE the shoes, and happy early birthday to you!!! I LOVED being 28, but not as much as I love being 32 (now). Plus, there's something about the even number birthdays that always get me excited. Yeah, I'm dorky that way!!


  16. Love the hair.
    Love the outfit.
    Love that you finally posted.

    I was having withdraws and since I've watched all Grey's Anatomy episodes, I feel your blog fills the void of medical references and the glamorous visions of physicians everywhere. (ie: having a life, going on trips, being the person I wish I could be... and maybe a singing episode or two)-I wish the physicians I worked with were 1/2 as cool as you!

    Glad you had a great NYE!

  17. wit woo! Sounds like you are definitely crazy busy! Happy Birthday!! :D

  18. Looking gorgeous as always!!!! A full circle of patients huh, one little angel and one big crazy. Happy almost day of celebrating all things you!

  19. Why do I want to cry because I can't celebrate your birthday with you? Who knows? But I love you and hope its perfect!

  20. Love the outfit happy early birthday!!

  21. You did another outfit post!! YAY!!! ha. I love your patient stories. LOVE LOVE LOOOOOVE!

  22. I like this "fancy drunk" business. I am going to have to partake in such a thing.


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