happy LOVE day

posted on: Tuesday, February 14, 2012

it's Valentine's Day boys and girls.
a day to celebrate LOVE
and those we share it with.
sounds delightful, no?

or not.
most of my life, 
i managed to be out of a relationship right around this blessed holiday
some of my friends more aptly referred to it as
"single awareness day"

even now that i'm married
and more in love than ever
sometimes V-day is less than dreamy.
"it's a Hallmark holiday", sayeth the husband,
as he refuses to acknowledge its meaning
and thus,
we have spent many a Valentine's day

so if you're in the same boat
here's a less-than-sappy song
two versions of it, in fact.
and i can't decide which one i like better

the original?

or the cover?

his voice is so haunting
but i love watching Ingrid sing
and the way she plays all those instruments?

i just can't decide.
can you?

happy LOVE day.
if no one has told you yet that they love you today,
i do.


  1. I live in the UK and this song is at Number One at the moment in the Top 40 Chart - my friend in Australia really doesn't like this song - he says the video gives him the creeps lol.

    There is another version of the song with liek 5 people gathered round one guitar - it's really good - you should take a look I think it's by Walk Off The Earth.

  2. : ) i don't get why people hate this holiday or choose not to celebrate (because you should be celebrating every day, blah blah blah). what's wrong with celebrating LOVE?! : )
    this holiday's great. even if you just love yourself.

  3. love that song. tough call but the original for his voice, the cover for the video.

  4. this is, oddly enough, a sweet post (: my hubby was never really into v-day either, but this year he seems a little more excited..

  5. Happy Valentines Day to you! I am single and still love this crazy holiday.

  6. I love everything about the cover! And love you as well dearest!

  7. Love this song! And happy love day to you too!

  8. Such a great song. love the original. There's been quite a few covers but this Ingrid one is amaze!

  9. Such a good song! Check out this cover by Walk off the Earth. It's very good too. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d9NF2edxy-M&feature=share

  10. and we love you! hope you had a great day with your hubby!

  11. im like your own personal blog stalker. ive come back multiple times since tuesday waiting like a little pathetic puppy dog for your next post.

    ha, no pressure or anything (:

  12. omg, my fiance is the SAME WAY! And so we fight. Annoying. Hope you had a good day regardless!


  13. the cover is the best. because gotye creeps me out, but he kinds looks like Patrick

  14. LOVE this song and the Ingrid cover, but I still think the Walk Off the Earth cover is the best :)


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