a jaunt in the snow

posted on: Monday, February 13, 2012

not too long ago
we journeyed to the arctic north...and west
after 7 balmy months in South Texas
the Rockies were calling our names

view of Breckenridge from our balcony

we did a little snowboarding
if you feelin like a pimp, go on brush ya shoulders off 
sideways goggles are THE latest

me and Susanna rocked those greens.

taken from my phone. in my pocket. serendipitous, no?
 the mountain sort of thrashed me
and my bum.
so i took days off in between...

mountain smooches
 for kissing...
action shot
 and jumping...
the trick to staying warm is to wear as many clothes as possible...
 and street modeling...
the doctors fleming, ladies and gentlemen

boys in flannel

boys in flannel, plus Dave: the man who pulled it all together

the Rockies...made more beautiful by Susanna and Elizabeth

the girls

the purpose of our trip

yes. he bought it. 
 animal beanies.
oh your baby wears one?
so does my husband.
just putting it all out there, eh?

modeling my new RayBans
we went to Breck to shred some gnarly pow
and to hang out with these lovely people 
Susanna+Kenny, together forever

awkward kissy photos are the best 

appropriately attired in Aztec garb

Mike and Elizabeth, fellow Texans. new friends. love them.

Dave, my fellow MICU commiserator, and his lady Meghan...with us in spirit
it's me!

we had a fantabulous time
as i think you can tell.
a little snow never hurt anybody
well that's a lie.
i hurt for a week after we got back.


  1. Looks like a great time!! There isn't much the mountains can't cure! We lived in Vail for years, now Houston..so not the same. :)

  2. after ten years of doing nothing but bruising my bum and knees TRYING to snowboard, i'm going back to skis... on skis, i can go all the way to those blues.. not on a dang board though.. looks lovely! i went to breckenridge once when i was little, but gosh would i love to go back after seeing this pictures (:

  3. I am insanely jealous of this trip!

  4. looks like you had absolutely wonderful weather and a great trip! I've never snowboarded, but I'm pretty proud of my skiing skills. i've always wanted to learn how to snowboard, but I'm good at not falling on my bum on skis, and I think I would rather stay off my bum as much as possible.

  5. You two are so cute! I feel like you'd be such a fun friend to have in real life. Also, can't help but notice the guy on the right in the flannel shirt pictures looks like Carlisle Cullen in Twilight. Someone tell me I'm not the only one noticing that? (Maybe Twilight has been rerunning on my TV too much lately...)

  6. Please tell me you shopped at Goods and ate at the crepe stand! Looks like you had a fantastic time!

  7. I love all of your pictures. It looks like y'all had an amazing time!

    Oh, and I definitely lol'd at the animal beanie part:)

  8. ahhhh Breck. SO good. Miss Colorado.

    have you ever seen the "Colorado Gurls" parody on K Perry's song?

  9. Wow you wear layers great! Very cute! I have tons of family in Colorado but I have never been...Looks like an absolutely great trip!

  10. im liking the outfits in this. and the aztec print? i'll take it

    also, you're a hottie.


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