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posted on: Friday, March 30, 2012

as you know, I'm in Cali today
but i scheduled a little something for you.
i'm trying something new.
it's called blogging more than once a week.

last week, on my day off,
i found my camera again.
and felt so inclined to take some pictures.
nothing crazy or special.
just stuff around our house.

welcome to Casa de Fleming.

mexican pottery

jumped right on that succulent bandwagon, i did.

love them.

my favorite ottoman ever.

the corner by the window

record player

nick's man cave

affectionately termed the "shit-kicker" boots

oh hey. you're in Texas.

doctors live here.

it's an ox yoke

found glasses from a vintage shop. where's emily?
 i also made dinner one night
spiced rack of lamb
with avocado and orange arugula salad
love my meat rare

recipe courtesy of

that felt good.
to actually take pictures
and put them in a blog post.
haven't done that in a while.



  1. Fan pics - love the one of your reflection in the glasses - have a good time in Cali :)

  2. look at you, taking photos, cooking meals... so you fancy, huh? ; )

  3. love the decor. :) and geez, that meal is most impressive.

  4. love the little photos! you have such great details in your home and I really believe it is all in these details :)

  5. Fun pics - your house looks awesome!


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