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posted on: Monday, March 5, 2012

i'm a poet.
and i know it.
oh hey there.
i got this idea from Megan.
who got it from Katie.
here goes...

 Age: 28.

Bedsize: Queen. we thought about going King-sized, because we like it so much when hotels have a King, but then we realized that what we LIKE about it is that it's rare. so there.

Chores that you hate: all of them? but i looooove a clean house. so i do them all. often.

Dogs:  not yet, but we're getting there. i may or may not stalk the Humane Society's adoptable puppies page daily.

Essential start to your day:  Coffee. in obscenely large amounts.  

Favorite color: blue? or maybe green? i go back and forth.

Gold or Silver: Gold. Def.

Height: 5'8".

Instruments you play: I used to play the piano. I brought the house down with my version of "My Heart Will Go On" in middle school. 

Job title: Doctor. the save-your-life-when-you're-choking kind. not the PhD kind.

Kids: none. someday. when i see my huz more than 2 days a week.

Live: San Antonio, Texas. giddyup.

Mother's Name: Bryn (but her first name is Phyllis. Bryn is way more hip.)

Nicknames: oh geez. so many. here goes: Em, Emmy, Mimi, Meems, Meemo, Beetle (dad calls me this), Jigs (brother calls me this. it's a throwback to our wannabe-playa days when we loved Jay-Z.), EmFlem, Air Force Doctor Barbie (Sarah calls me this), Babe, Baby (guess who?), Em=K (my maiden name started with a K), EKG

Overnight hospital stays: never. unless i'm on call. ha!

Pet peeves:  when waiters hold you hostage by not bringing you your check, when you're clearly ready to leave. any form of injustice.
inefficiency. there IS a better, faster way to do that. let me show you.
(in other news, everyone else's pet peeve is ME.)

Quote from a movie or tv show: oh gosh. just one?
"True love is the soul's recognition of its counterpoint in another"

Right or Lefty: Righty. boooring.

Siblings: four of them. Joe (26), Annie (will be 18 on the 15th!), Jesse (16), Abby (12)

Time you wake up:  Depends on what shift I'm working. days, 5am. nights, 4pm. my body is so confused.

Underwear: VS Lacies are my current fave.

Vegetable you hate: i don't think i hate any vegetables...

What makes you run late: thinking i have time for one. more. thing.
turns out, i don't.

X-Rays You've Had:  only one. on my foot. after i stepped on a pin in high school, and the tip of it snapped off INSIDE the bottom of my foot. it took me four days to convince my mom that it was still in there and take me to get X-rays. i had to have minor surgery to get it removed. she still calls it my "imaginary pin". we fight about it to this day. 
(love you Mom. but you were WRONG.)

Yummy food you make:  Tacos al Pastor. Rack of Lamb with Truffle Oil. Linguine with Clams.
now i'm hungry...

Zoo Animal:  any of the baby ones. I'm a sucker for baby animals. and giraffes. especially baby giraffes.

p.s. the font is all screwy. because i copied-and-pasted from Megan. and it's staying this way, because i'm too lazy to go back and do it all over. boom.


  1. i loved this! can you please teach me to make rack of lamb? my boyfriend loves it but i don't know what to do with it!!!

  2. doctor, the save your life when your choking kind, not the PhD kind.

    i just died laughing.

    1. hopefully you didn't choke. because an ocean separates us and all.

  3. If you love baby zoo animals, have you seen this: http://www.zooborns.com/? Adorable!

    1. are you kidding me with this website?? thank you for this.

  4. Is that a quote from wedding crashers? Amazing.

  5. i'm virtually high-fiving you for the inefficiency one. i'm with you on that. totes.


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