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posted on: Thursday, March 29, 2012

...to Cali, Cali

i'm going to California today!
i have four glorious days off
and i'm using them wisely to go watch a bestie get married

tonight i fly into LAX
to meet up with Kat and Marsa (pronounced like Marseille)
who will be coming from Louisiana and North Carolina, respectively
and we'll get a car and drive to Ojai
to drown ourselves in wedding festivities for the weekend
while we witness these two gettin hitched

photo c/o Emily Blake Photography
Rachel and Jon...i cannot WAIT for this.

weddings are a thing to which our crew is accustomed
Marsa's wedding, 2007. Kat, me, Rach...bridesmaids

Marsa made the loveliest bride, don't you think?

and so did Kat
Kat's wedding, 2009

note the dolla dolla bills
then i got married in 2010

we'll have to do a redo of this photo. with Rach in the white dress.

i am so excited to see my girls
soak up some California beauty
and wear my nose ring for several days in a row

packing is going to be a challenge
since after wearing literally nothing but scrubs and pj's for a month
i now want to wear EVERYTHING in my closet

wish me luck!
and get ready for some real live photos
of me living life outside the hospital
on this here bloggo in the very near future


  1. hope you have the best time and really enjoy the time away from work. you deserve it :)

  2. I think it's so nice that all of you are getting married not too long from each other and you're all there for each other's wedding :)
    you made a very lovely bride, that dress is gorgeous on you! cannot wait to see your posts from life outside of the hospital. I know exactly how it feels to be in scrubs and pjs all the time and then having a reason to wear something nice and not knowing what to do! lol

  3. Have fun! You deserve this a lot! Seems like you guys are a winning team after all... :)


  4. Just thinking that I will see you today sends my heart aflutter. This will be...

  5. I am jealous. I've been to CA four times, and three of those times were for weddings.

    California weddings and best friendies for the win.

  6. have a great time! weddings are such a blast - i have 5 to go to this year, and i'm in 3 of them!


  7. i LOVE ojai- hubby and i want to move there!!

    if you have any free seconds, please go to The Farmer and the Cook- it's a husband and wife team.. the hubby farms, the wife cooks it all up!

    they have vegan enchiladas (i know you love meat!) that have cashew cheese on them.. OH MY GOD. just try them, if you can.. FANTASTIC!

    cannot WAIT to see pictures... i LOVE ventura county!

  8. Gaaah Ojai is gorgeous. Have soo much fun enjoying your freedom!

  9. Ojai valley inn and spa? If so, lucky girl.


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