posted on: Monday, March 12, 2012

the flemings got to hang out.
with each other.
this weekend.

don't worry.
nick was actually excited about it.
more excited than his picture-face shows.

in other news,
i just ate my enchiladas
that were supposed to be my 3am snack at work
but i never got to eat them.
i didn't pee for an entire shift either.
and i'm doctor enough to know that ain't healthy.

tell me how monday went.
i'm going to bed.


  1. YOu are too funny! I do that a lot too. I will go an entire 8 hr shift and not pee, I feel like I should hydrate more lol.

  2. Your life sounds more and more glamorous every day ;) My Monday is fabulous so far. My 4th year husband matched and I heard a rumor Ryan Gosling is single...if the expected 3 am burritos and problems urinating cause some friction between us, at least I have a backup plan.

  3. Monday is absolutely awesome so far... started my clinical rotation at a a real hospital with real live doctors acting all awesome, which convinced me even more that i really want to do it, the 100+ years in school that is, in order to become as cool as them (and YOU) one day lol.


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