posted on: Monday, April 23, 2012

this post could also be titled,
narcissism: it is what it is.

taking my new red jeans out for a spin
at Tower of the Americas

i may or may not be sitting on a trashcan.

essie's Tart Deco
my toes have to rep spring's punchy colors
since the Air Force says my fingers have to play it more demure

you've heard me lament about the quality of my outfit posts before.
this post is no different.

but when you get to leave the hospital at noon
when you expected to leave at 5pm
you've gotta take advantage

so i got outta my scrubs
and put on something relatively decent

though i find it somewhat ironic that this very same outfit
could easily have been worn by a housekeeper
in another time and place.


this is what my patient told me yesterday.
maybe some of you can put it to use:

"a man is either hungry, or horny.
so if you see your husband without an erection,
give him a sandwich."

this patient was a man.
i can't wait until i'm old and can get away with saying shit like that to strangers.


  1. She must know my boyfriend. ;)
    Happy Monday! (ha - if there is such a thing)

  2. That is hilarious with the old lady! Love your style

  3. I am not waiting until I am old to say that shit. I am going to start saying shit like that....yesterday. Genius observation. It explains so much.

  4. ha! old people have no filter. One old lady patient told me, "Did you get to meet my granddaughter? The chubby one?"

  5. Being let out of work early is always good!

  6. i love this post (: you always look so happy and CUTE!

    and yes, when you are older, you get to say all sorts of shit to people.. can you please be an old doctor? could you imagine?!

  7. way to rock the red jeans. 5,000 points.
    plus you did it while on a trash can (bonus 1,000 pts)

  8. hey. i'll take your narcissism any day.

  9. You are gorg and that little piece of advice- albeit creepy- is hyssterical.

  10. hahha!! love old people.. and the red jeans.

  11. old people are the best. and he is so right, sounds like my boyfriend :)

  12. I love the do-rag! You rick it with so much class... I think the nose stud helps!

  13. You hard working lady...I can't imagine you with scrubs all day when all your outfits always look so perfect. Red pants=fun!

  14. love it. all of it. especially looking forward to those filter-free golden years.


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