posted on: Sunday, April 8, 2012

these are images that bring a smile to my face
and a welling up of joy to my heart

this is one of those posts that will probably mean more to me
and the people that physically know me
than it will to most of you
but it's a window into my life...

best friends and California
gah. there just aren't words.


Jess gettin after it

kat and candice...and a floating succulent?

Marsa. i just have the prettiest friends.

i was mildly obsessed with this orange.

...from this tree
love this girl.

kat and marsa.

besties for life

oranges. it was a theme.

loving on the bride

gosh i love these people.
they know me and all my faults and insecurities and loved me through my freshman 15, applying to medical school--twice, breakups, moves, losses, loves...
they've watched me grow up
we grew up together
and they mean so so much to me.

i love you friends. 
this post is for you.
you complete me.


  1. true beauties! you should just frame all of them. besties wall?!
    great shots!

  2. what a beautiful group of women (:

    and awesome shots, as usual (:

  3. There aren't words in my head to express how much my heart is smiling right now. You all define love!!!


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