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posted on: Thursday, April 26, 2012

-my favorite part of every morning is coffee. it's the one redeeming thing about waking up at 4am.

-i think vinyl records were a great idea.

-my face turns bright red whenever i get put on the spot.

-whenever my husband shows the slightest sign of dancing, i start dancing too. it's contagious. and it never fails. he says, "i can always get you dancin'."  and he's right.

-i feel like i've truly accomplished something when i'm able to have fresh flowers in my home at all times.

-i've never seen a movie alone. something about it depresses me.

-sometimes i look at real estate listings for Santa Cruz, California. just so i'm prepared for when we move six years.

-i can't relax until my house is clean.

-i exclusively use the Pilot G2 05 pen. and the day is ruined if i don't have one.

-sometimes i get embarrassed taking photos in public. this explains a lot about my blog, i think.

- i feel most like myself when my hair is long.

-one of the things i missed the most when i was on nights was not having a glass of wine with dinner.

-nothing gets me going like a good floor plan. i look at the websites of friends' apartment complexes just so i can see what the layouts look like.

-i have a weird ability to remember dates. the birthdays, anniversaries, baby's birthdays of all my friends. the exact date we moved to Texas (it was one year ago. today.) it's very "A Beautiful Mind"...and is sometimes construed as creepy.

-i could count on one hand the number of times i cried up until the age of 24 (i mean, not counting those years where it was my only form of communication). now Google Chrome ads make me lose it.

-i'm not much of a DIY-er. i see people make things on Etsy and i'm like, "i could make that....but i won't. and that's why i'll buy it from YOU."

and now for a little video.
we went to see The Black Keys last night.
it was awesome.
and so are these dance moves.


  1. I loved this post!! the pen thing cracked me up! and I wish you could give me some of that good memory for dates.. I SUCK at remembering people's birthdays and such :/

  2. I totally understand the long hair thing. I always think I want to cut it and short styles are cute but I feel so much more "at home" when my hair is long. I seem to get mine cut but I don't maintain those styles well!

  3. i LOVE this! bahaha i look at listings for places in ventura county ALL THE TIME.. but we arent moving there for at least 4 years..

    and everything makes me cry now.. everything.. im such a sap! its stupid...

    and i exclusively use sharpie pens.. and refuse to use anything else..

  4. .oh yes..
    i also turn BRIGHT RED any time im put on the spot.. i hate it, i've tried to fight it, but it doesnt matter..

    i dont get it?!

  5. lol! i love the one about not being a DIY-er! mee too! i bought a bunch of prints to frame and put around the apartment & my boyfriend was like, why cant you just do that on photoshop? im like, because i can't!! don't you understand!? hahah

  6. We are so similar! My dad works for Pilot, and I want to send you some pens. Would you email me your address?

  7. LOVED THIS POST>"feel most like myself when my hair is long"

    dammit me too.

  8. I love that coffee photo and totally pinned it yesterday too!!! I also turn bright red when put on the spot and can't relax until the house is clean and remember dates like none other!

  9. Sometimes I get embarrassed taking photos in public too. It's weird because I love taking photos, but I can't seem to break out of my shell and get over looking like a tourist. One day..!

  10. i like you more after reading this...

    hopefully we can still be friend even though i LOVE seeing movies solo.

  11. love that photo.

    i've never seen a movie alone either. i kinda want to start. we can do it!

    Girl..I'm not a DIY either. I WANT to be so bad, but I just don't have it in me. That's what my credit card is buy that "thing" from somebody else who makes it haha

  12. Love this post! I too get bright red when put on the spot- never good! Then I get self-conscious about it and get even redder.

  13. omg! google chrome ads get me ALL the time! i'm such a sucker for those things.

  14. yayyyy! Santa Cruz! I graduated from UC Santa cruz! And, although i've never met you in real life, i've been following your blog for a while, and it really does not come as a surprise that you want to move 6 years. I wish I appreciated it more when I was there! It's such a fun city!

  15. I'm not even sure how I got to your blog, haha! But I love it --- AND I'm so glad I'm not the only one who feels a sense of accomplishment from having fresh flowers in the house! I also feel so out of my element with short hair --- it's like a piece of me is missing. Weird, right??

    I used to feel that way about going to the movies alone --- but once when the hubby and I were having a stupid fight I went to see The Artist by myself (he wouldn't be into that kind of movie) and it was GREAT. I had my popcorn and a soda and I felt so at peace to just enjoy the movie and experience it by myself. If we hadn't been fighting, I don't think I would have done it! :)


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