happy anniversary to us!

posted on: Tuesday, May 29, 2012

so yesterday we celebrated two whole years of marriage
by taking a leap
out of an airplane

somewhat blurry, because Nick just grabbed me by my harness.
they asked us to point to who was more freaked out
by the prospect of jumping out of a plane
we both agreed it was me.

but i survived.
it was truly amazing.
we each did a tandem jump
where our fates were linked to that of our instructors
since the instructors were strapped to our backs.
after 5 minutes of walking us through the procedures
we jumped on a plane
and in 2 minutes were in the air.
another 10 minutes and we were at 10,500 feet
and it was time to jump.

there was a moment,
when i was leaning out of the airplane,
looking at the clouds and very very hard earth below me
where i panicked.
but then there was no time
because i was suddenly backflipping out of the plane
and free-falling for what seemed like forever.

then the chute deployed
*thank the sweet sweet Lord*
and we gracefully floated back to earth

it was amazing.
like i said.
skydiving pros
then we got bbq
and took naps by the pool
before heading out to a fancy dinner 
fancy Flemings

ahí tuna with rhubarb? on a cucumber? it was fantastic.

rack of venison. the deer was apparently shot yesterday. farm fresh?

the one where Nick doesn't look drunk/sleepy

aaaaaand the one where he does.

and to finish it all off,
another gratuitous shot of my peonies.
oh my Lordy am i ever obsessed with these beauties.

now before you all go patting Nick on the back
for a job well-done in the anniversary present department...
allow me to provide a little background:

this month, Nick is working like a dog.
four days off. that's it. all month long. just four days.
and he was just SURE he couldn't take the 28th as one of those days
but he never asked his bosses.
he just assumed.

so meanwhile, i'm trying to find out what his schedule is
so that we can plan SOMETHING to celebrate our anniversary
and he's just not cooperating.
he even said, "i just want to celebrate our marriage every day. why does it have to be on our anniversary?"
excuses, excuses.

so finally, i got mad.

he knows celebrations are a big deal to me.
i said to him, "you can choose to blow off our anniversary if you wish,
but that will make me very angry
and keep in mind that it will be an entire YEAR 
before you're able to make it up to me"

Nick had the 28th off.

lest you all think that this marriage is the stuff of dreams,
i felt the need to bring it back to reality.

we had a fantastic time
but it almost wasn't.
i love this man.
and he surprises me daily.
but sometimes i have to threaten him. (:

and that's the truth.


  1. i am not opposed to threatening significant others. another reason we are friends.

    this looks insane. something S wants to do. But i would need to wear a diaper for the pee and or poop that would involuntarily exit my body upon jumping.

    you're welcome for that image.

  2. What an amazing anniversary idea! I'm sure it's something you'll never forget!

  3. My hubby's new venture got their building at the beginning of March and it opened at the beginning of May. He managed to get a part day on our anniversary - I went to meet him and stood in the coffee shop telling him off (in a jokey way) because he kept checking things and just saying "one more thing then we'll go". I think I even joked about going home because I'd had enough - then he realised he needed to get his butt in gear.

    What is it with guys lol.

    Your anniversary beats our cinema trip lol. Then again I'd either be in full blown freak out or I'd be catatonic lol.

  4. So fun!! We went sky diving while in NZ and I have no idea how I had the courage. I thought the same thing while hanging out the plane door... like what the heck am I doing! Then while floating all I couldn't think about is my shoe was untied and if it fell off it might kill someone... or a cow. Happy Anniversary!!!

  5. haha, a little threatening is appropriate sometimes. Like for the sake of anniversaries, for crying out loud. :)
    YOU WENT SKYDIVING! How crazy!! Love the fancy dinner too. Happy Anniversary! (I loved reading all the posts that led up to this!)

  6. the happiest of anniversaries to you and your drunk/sleepy counterpart!

  7. Ugh, that whole "I don't think I can get the day off, so I won't even ask" thing is a broken record in our house! I just want to SCREAM! Glad it worked out for you, though- and way to renew my terrified desire to skydive, you're amazing!! Happy Anniversary!

  8. Your Blog looks amazing! BTW I love that you keep it real. I love my husband but neither of us are perfect and we certainly have our moments... or days rather. I'm just glad I'm not the only one. Thanks for sharing life with us, like this. You are a breath of fresh air!

  9. A good threat to your husband is always necessary! I can't believe you went skydiving- I would definitely be too scared but admire those who can do it!

  10. What a memorable anniversary! Congrats!! You guys are so brave!

  11. I can't believe you jumped out of a plane. Holy crapola!! Glad you had an amazing anniversary even if you had to threaten to get to it! :)


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