love story, part four: the wedding

posted on: Monday, May 28, 2012

two years ago today,
we were doing this...

here's some of our songs for you to read to:

nick...putting the "finishing touches" on his vows
...5 minutes before the ceremony

 our ceremony was performed by my dad
in the courtyard of Nick's grandfather's house
the only guests were our immediate families
our two best friends
and some Italian friends and family

he picked me a flower (:

 after the ceremony,
we all walked up the road to the church
so we could have our reception
love my sister's face in this one

 an Italian gem named Rosa set all this up for us

these guys...priceless.

me and my mama

the cake had our faces on it. it's true.

it was such an unforgettable day
just looking at these images lets me feel all the emotion and joy all over again
and that's the point of wedding pictures, right?
to take you back?

i'll tell more of the story tomorrow,
but for now,
i'm going to enjoy my anniversary.

happy two years, baby.

p.s. the blog got a makeover. i think she looks fresh and delightful, don't you?


  1. First of all, your dress is gorgeous! It's exactly what I would have wanted but I couldn't find any with straps like that!
    Secondly, I didn't even notice the blog change til you mentioned it, and then I was like duh, totally different! It looks great

    1. it was the last one i tried on...i love it too (:

  2. Congratulations on your wedding anniversary :) Me and CJ were married in May too :)

  3. Love the new blog design. And the beautiful wedding photos. I cracked up laughing at the photo of the two older adorable!

  4. ah blog looks soooo good em!!! love these photos..can W2 be at nicks grandpas house? thanks.

  5. love this whole story, em. hot shoes, hot dress, hot people. italy? wedding done right. perfection.

  6. and for some reason i'm signed in as my dad. but that's me. bridget.


  7. thaaaats better. no longer a 65 year old man.

  8. The blog looks amazing! Even more amazing are your wedding pictures. :) You guys make such a cute couple!

  9. The blog looks great- I was scrolling down as the pictures loaded, then I noticed the difference and quick scrolled back up! Gorgeous wedding- amazing! "Let's Stay Together" was our first dance song, so yay!

  10. Happy Anniversary!! Your wedding pictures are SO beautiful, it looks like a fairy tale!

  11. love the new design! it's so fresh and so clean!

    amazing pictures! it looks like it was perfect!

  12. Love the blog makeover!

    And your wedding photos are amazing. What a gorgeous setting!

  13. oh my.. that veil!!! gasp! it's beautimus..

    you guys are seriously one fine and sexy pair of lovebirds...

    and the new blog design is AWESOME!

  14. Gosh how dreamy was this setting! These photos are gorgeous!..and skydiving!!?? How fun and exciting!! That's so on my bucket list! Happy anniversary to you guys!
    *Love the new blog design too!

  15. Each time I see your wedding its like a deja vu to my own Tuscany destination wedding on May 24 2007 -- lace dress, bouquet of peonies, gorgeous Tuscan background from the villa we rented for the week for our 50 guests.

    You looked so beautiful on your wedding day, and I love how you keep it real on the blog when it comes to relationships. They're not perfect and take a lot of work. That's why I love following along on your blog!!


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  17. Wow...your had THE dream destination wedding!! It was GORGEOUS!
    And your dress??? Ahhhh *swoon*

    Happy Anniversary!

  18. just read this all over again listening to danny's song. love it.


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