love story, part three: civil ceremony

posted on: Friday, May 25, 2012

i'm a pretty lucky girl.
for many, many reasons
one of which, is that i happen to be married to a man
who is half-Italian
and whose family still owns a house in Tuscany

it's the house Nick's Nonno Lino grew up in
Lino is the grandfather Nicholas Lino Fleming was named for
and to this day, if you ask Nick one of his most significant life events,
he will tell you it was when he was 7 years old and his Nonno Lino died.
they were very close.
even though Lino only spoke Italian,
he came up with games to play with Nick that didn't require words.

so when Nick said he wanted to get married in Italy,
i knew why.
and i was okay with it. (:

we got engaged on december 25, 2009
and decided to get married on may 28, 2010
...5 short months...
but it was all the time we had off
just two weeks...between 3rd year and 4th year of med school

we decided to get legally married in Italy too
both because, initially, i was all hung up on having my marriage certificate state the date i actually got married...which i now feel was a completely ridiculous thing to be picky about, btw.
and because Nick was on his general surgery rotation right before we left
and we didn't have time to go to the courthouse in Chicago.
so there.

it was a process.
i won't even go into all the details.
it involved a lot of stress and tears and general freaking out.
but we pulled it off.

which was nice,
because then we got to have our photographer take these amazing pics
of our civil ceremony

our dads. mine on the left, nick's on the right.
 my dad is using crutches.
he got a tibial plateau fracture
while playing soccer with Nick the day before.
Nick broke my dad.
it's true.

wedding kiss #1
 a little behind-the-scenes info:
i threw up at 3am the night before our wedding
a bad combination of too-little-sleep, too-much-wine, and nerves.
it happens.

also, the next morning, the power went out.
apparently it was scheduled maintenance, but they forgot to tell anyone.
fortunately, i had blow-dried my hair post-shower
but i did not, however, have the ability to curl or style it in any way.
hence the hair-do you see here.

dress- anthro; shoes- nine west; hair flower- anthro; belt- etsy; birdcage veil- etsy

we got legally married
in Lucca, Italy
at 10am on friday, may 28, 2010

we had a rehearsal dinner of sorts, the night before
and the "real" wedding was yet to come...

to be continued...again!


  1. Oh Emily, Your pictures are beautiful! What I wouldn't give to shoot a wedding in Italy. Absolutely gorgeous, BTW I wouldn't have known about your hair had you not mentioned it! It looked cute and classy!

  2. ok so i love this even more knowing you were married on my bday (: best day ever, right?!

    but seriously, you look adorable! and i cannot believe you pulled any type of wedding off in 5 months.. 5 months aint shit, girl!

  3. lovely story and beautiful photos! and your dress is perfect. just perfect!

  4. Ahhh I just love "love stories"! These photos are beautiful. And his proposal was the sweetest!

  5. These photos are gorgeous- I love them! And your hair looks pretty good to me! Love that marrying in Italy has such significance.

  6. These photographs and story are so romantic. I especially love the flower in your hair.

  7. i've always wondered where that header photo came from.

    happy almost one year anniversary!

  8. You're pictures are lovely! I want to go to Italy! It is so hot in San Antonio right now...I need someplace where it is still jacket weather!

  9. What an amazing location, you lucky girl! :) Looking forward to seeing the rest of the story and pics.
    I sympathize with your Dad, I shattered my tibial plateau on vacation in Hawaii!

  10. *sigh* your pictures are beautiful...

  11. Umm I LOVE the new look girl! So cute!!

    And your love story is so great...I can't wait to hear more!


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